Jim Dalton
CEO, Transnexus

Jim Dalton began his telecom career at BellSouth in 1988 in roles that included financial analysis and market planning for their GSM wireless and mobile data businesses.

Recognizing the promise of Voice over IP, Jim founded TransNexus in 1997 to develop software solutions for VoIP carriers. Over the following years, TransNexus has developed applications for Least Cost Routing, billing support, quality of service monitoring, analytics, and prevention of telecom fraud and unwanted robocalls. During this time, TransNexus has obtained 27 patents for various software innovations.

Recent innovations include the development of software that uses the SHAKEN/STIR framework to authenticate, sign and validate caller ID information for prevention of unwanted robocalls, which often use caller ID spoofing to lure subscribers into answering robocalls.