David Karandish
CEO and Founder of Jane.ai

David Karandish is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jane.ai, an enterprise artificial intelligence company focused on making all company intelligence accessible in the simplest possible way (think Siri for the workplace).

Before founding Jane.ai, David was the CEO of Answers Corporation. David and Chris Sims started the parent company of Answers in 2006 and sold the company to a private equity firm in 2014 for north of $900m. Prior to Answers, David was the CEO of Expo Group, an online resource in the consumer financial services industry.

David and Chris Sims’ investment entity Equity.com led the Series A round in Varsity Tutors (an on-demand, real-time learning platform in the ed tech space) and helped incubate Create a Loop (a computer science education non-profit founded to tackle the digital divide) and Prepare.ai (a non-profit founded to provide educational resources and strategic guidance about Artificial Intelligence to individuals, communities, and companies). David is on the Board of Directors of both organizations.

While in college, David embarked on several personal projects, including the invention of AIM Talk, a text-to-voice program for AOL’s Instant Messenger. In addition, he was the youngest contestant on NBC’s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart television show.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a second major in entrepreneurship from Washington University in St. Louis, where he graduated cum laude. He is a member of the Gateway chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization. David lives in St. Louis with his wife, Erin, and four kids. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing ukulele.