Sébastien Tellier
Channel Program Director, Martello Technologies

Sébastien Tellier is responsible for defining the company's products and services being offered, including managing the pricing strategy and coordinating between the different services for development, sales and marketing purposes. His expertise helps to identify business development opportunities for the company and leads the team to the next phase of innovation to fill market gaps as they present themselves. Prior to joining Martello, Sébastien worked at Elfiq Networks, a pioneer in the field of SD-WAN technologies, until it was acquired by Martello in January 2018. Moving into the role of Head of Product Marketing at Martello, Sébastien was able to use his experience to bring fresh ideas for organic growth to the company. Sébastien is savvy in policy and market analysis, with an expertise in fieldwork. Sébastien holds a Master of Science in Marketing from HEC Montreal.