MetTel Lands Deal to Modernize USPS Communications

By Greg Tavarez June 10, 2024

Many organizations in the U.S. have held onto Plain Old Telephone Lines. However, this trusty, old-fashioned technology is facing its sunset. Telecommunications companies are actively phasing out these copper-wired connections for several reasons.

Age caught up with POTS infrastructure. These lines have been around for decades and are unreliable. Maintaining this aging network is expensive, as repairs and replacements become more frequent.

The technology itself simply can't compete with the capabilities of newer options. POTS only offer basic voice calling, while modern fiber optic and cable lines provide fast internet, HD television and a wider range of voice features. The telecommunications industry sees the future in these advanced options, and POTS is being left behind.

Now, USPS (News - Alert) plans to implement its POTS Transformation solution across 17,000 USPS locations nationwide. Leading that change is MetTel.

MetTel (News - Alert) helps businesses and government agencies stay connected through custom communication solutions. They handle everything from voice calls and internet data to mobile devices and internet-connected equipment, such as IoT. MetTel has its own global network and access to the latest technology.

The USPS project will see MetTel convert existing circuit switched phone signals to networked multi-path IP and provide USPS with increased reliability, performance visibility and advanced features at a lower cost without the need to replace its current equipment.

The POTS Transformation solution combines MetTel's fully managed service and multi-carrier network connectivity with a hardware unit from DataRemote (News - Alert), known as "POTS in a Box." With this, USPS can maintain their existing analog phones and other devices while benefiting from the advantages of IP-based telephony.

The long-story-short is that MetTel's POTS Transformation solution will maintain and improve post office voice connectivity while also offering additional features such as auto attendant capabilities.

Additionally, the solution supports specialty lines such as those that connect to elevators, fire and burglar alarms, emergency 911 / call boxes, FAX machines and modems, and may be adapted for use with a variety of sensors and other applications. 

Copper retirement leaves many organizations who depend on copper-based voice lines in a dilemma. USPS wants to avoid that, which is why it decided to move forward with this initiative.

Edited by Alex Passett
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MetTel Lands Deal to Modernize USPS Communications

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