Stop Texting into the Void: TrueDialog Launches TrueDelivery for Guaranteed SMS Reachability

By Greg Tavarez June 07, 2024

Studies point to the increasing influence of text message marketing (SMS marketing) on consumer behavior and business revenue. A 2022 CTIA report, referencing data from the wireless communication industry, indicates a remarkably high open rate for text messages: 98%. This statistic suggests a strong likelihood that recipients will at least glance at a text message they receive, compared to other marketing channels.

A 2021 Forrester study found that businesses incorporating text messaging attributed a portion of their online sales – 12.8% – directly to SMS marketing efforts. This translates to a tangible impact on a company's bottom line.

Beyond Market Insights, an analyst firm, forecasts a steady growth trajectory for the Application-to-Person, or A2P, SMS messaging market, which encompasses any business-to-consumer text message sent through a software application. By 2030, the market is projected to reach $89.2 billion, reflecting a 4% annual increase. This growth suggests that businesses recognize the value of SMS marketing as a communication tool and revenue generator.

But there’s an issue.

Business SMS messages are often mistakenly flagged as spam by carrier filters designed to protect users. This can happen even with legitimate messages due to triggers like generic link shorteners or bulk sending without permission. Repeatedly flagged messages end up in spam folders or get the sender's number blacklisted. These undelivered messages not only result in wasted costs since revenue teams are charged for sending SMS, but they also jeopardize future communication capabilities through potential blacklisting by carriers. Furthermore, these deliverability problems undermine campaign metrics.

To help businesses avoid this, TrueDialog introduced TrueDelivery.

TrueDialog offers business text messaging solutions for sales teams to engage customers throughout their lifecycle. Its platform offers features like API access, a highly reliable database and direct carrier connections for maximized uptime.

TrueDelivery is SMS deliverability alerting tool that uses AI and machine learning to increase the success rate of vendor's SMS campaigns and ensure messages do not get erroneously flagged by carriers' spam filters.

TrueDelivery analyzes vast amounts of text message data to predict and score messages before they are sent to help identify potential issues that might trigger carrier spam filters. This proactive approach, with its adaptable AI models, makes certain that messages stay relevant and avoid spam filtering as regulations change.

By providing instant feedback and suggesting edits, TrueDelivery allows businesses to optimize their SMS content for higher delivery rates and cost savings.

"When generative AI was released to the public, we quickly began working on a way to harness its power to identify messages from reputable senders that may be incorrectly marked as spam and making suggestions to correct them," said John Wright, CEO of TrueDialog. "TrueDelivery is our newest AI feature, joining TrueDialog's AI Chat Assistant, which suggests quick responses to customers' 1:1 inbound texts for revenue and customer success teams."

Edited by Alex Passett
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