Consilium Software Delivers Better Customer Engagement with Next-Gen Video Collaboration Platform, UniVCX 8.0

By Greg Tavarez January 10, 2024

Customers today yearn for frictionless journeys across the entire spectrum of touchpoints they have with brands, be it browsing online, chatting with an agent, or visiting a physical store. This means no clunky transitions, data silos or inconsistent service. They expect everything to flow effortlessly while recognizing their preferences and needs regardless of channel.

Consilium Software, a provider of unified communications and contact center solutions, is tackling this demand head-on with the release of UniVCX 8.0, which is expected to deliver a smooth transition to video-powered customer engagement, eliminate friction and maximize existing investments.

UniVCX 8.0 feature set includes real-time WebRTC video and voice calling; co-browsing, file sharing; and annotation tools; End-to-end encryption and WCAG 2.1 compliance; as well as AI chatbot integration. Reliable connections foster genuine human interaction, building trust and rapport with customers. Real-time collaboration allows agents to guide customers through complex tasks, troubleshoot issues and share visual information with ease. And UniVCX 8.0 safeguards customer data and ensures inclusivity for all, while AI automates routine tasks to allow agents to focus on personalized, high-touch interactions.

Other features include supervisor post-call surveys to gain valuable insights into customer experiences and agent performance, agent video chat support and biometric authentication. Secure user onboarding through ID document verification and facial recognition ensures legitimacy, particularly valuable in sensitive sectors like healthcare.

“UniVCX 8.0 represents a leap forward in the video collaboration landscape,” said Pramod Ratwani, founder and CEO of Consilium Software. “Our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity is reflected in our customer interfaces, which are designed to meet WCAG guidelines and ensure compatibility with JAWS for Kiosks screen reading software. Additionally, our UniVCX biometric authentication technology enables secure user onboarding through ID documents and facial recognition checks, ensuring the legitimacy of identity during medical consultations.”

Consilium Software's UniVCX 8.0 is more than just a video collaboration platform; it's a game-changer for the customer engagement landscape. Its integration, features and focus on accessibility and security make it one of the ideal solutions for businesses that want to elevate their customer interactions and build lasting relationships.

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Edited by Alex Passett
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