Shawnee Communications Looks to Ribbon for Advanced Broadband Aggregation

By Greg Tavarez October 25, 2023

Traditional methods for broadband aggregation have primarily relied on techniques like network address translation, or NAT, and bridging. NAT involves mapping private IP addresses to a single public IP address, allowing multiple devices within a private network to share a single external IP address, which conserves IPv4 addresses. Bridging, on the other hand, essentially connects multiple broadband connections at a lower network layer, creating a single logical network segment.

These methods are simpler and more suitable for smaller networks, but they lack the advanced features, scalability and routing capabilities that are provided by IP routing.

IP routing is a robust solution for broadband aggregation that offers scalability, flexibility and advanced features. It efficiently routes traffic between different networks, provides options for QoS implementation, enhances security through access control and VPN support, and enables redundancy and traffic engineering.

This makes it an ideal choice when network performance and adaptability are crucial, and specialized IT expertise and equipment are available, and that is why Shawnee Communications, which serves residents and businesses in rural communities in Southern and Central Illinois with modern communications technology, selected Ribbon Communication's NPT IP Routing solution for broadband aggregation.

Shawnee Communications is committed to expanding high-speed internet access in underserved areas, improving digital infrastructure in rural communities and supporting local economic development. They offer various broadband packages and services to meet the connectivity needs of their customer base.

Ribbon provides a wide range of products and services related to unified communications, cloud communications and network solutions. Their offerings include VoIP solutions, session border controllers and software-defined networking solutions.

But, as mentioned above, Shawnee Communications looks to utilize Ribbon’s Neptune, or NPT, IP Routing Solution.

The NPT IP Routing Solution is a group of routers that are powered by Ribbon's Ribbon’s IP Wave rNOS. They work well with Ribbon's NPT XDR and AR WAN routers and can do things like managing data traffic efficiently, supporting different types of services and making sure everything works smoothly.

These routers are designed for important network tasks, such as providing VPN services, managing data, and connecting different parts of a network together, and they are good at making sure the network stays up and running smoothly.

"Shawnee is a forward-looking provider, and our role is to enable them to make the most of the opportunities available in their territory, which benefits from new funding opportunities including Connect IL and the Connect America Fund and their role in enabling broadband buildouts," said Elizabeth Page, Ribbon's Senior Director of National Sales. "We're dedicated to the ongoing success of this partnership."

Edited by Alex Passett
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