Netcracker and Microsoft Bring AI Solutions to Telecom Operators

By Greg Tavarez September 18, 2023

Communication Service Providers, or CSPs, worldwide pursue the “twin dragons” objectives of higher productivity and exceptional customer care. Just like this search to find twin dragons, these goals (while undeniably vital for business success) have proven to be elusive. Striking the balance between optimizing operational efficiency, ensuring top-tier customer service and managing costs has posed a formidable challenge for CSPs.

Until now.

Netcracker Technology expanded its partnership with Microsoft (News - Alert) to support Netcracker’s recently launched GenAI Telco Solution, which unlocks the potential of generative AI technology to deliver exceptional business value to the telecom industry.

Some background: Netcracker provides communications services and software solutions for service providers. Their products focus on business support systems (BSS), operations support systems (OSS), software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies.

The GenAI Telco Solution integrates Netcracker's deep expertise and leadership in telecom IT with groundbreaking AI technology. This comprehensive solution includes the GenAI Telco Platform, which lets organizations build, assess and optimize telco-specific scenarios across customer support, business operations, sales and network management. It also incorporates the GenAI Trust Gateway (News - Alert), a real-time system that delivers personalized prompts for exceptional GenAI interactions while ensuring the utmost security and precision for sensitive telco data.

In the partnership with Microsoft, Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT through Azure OpenAI Service to create high-value use cases by harnessing valuable telecom data and knowledge. Through its extensive expertise in telecom IT, Netcracker’s solution enriches ChatGPT with real-time telecom data, context and knowledge from the operators’ BSS/OSS and data analytics platforms to increase productivity and provide a superior customer experience in all areas of the telecom business.

The combined offering provides CSPs with a set of market-ready solutions that improve call center efficiency, increase the productivity of business and operational employees, drive faster sales conversions and make quicker recommendations for new offerings.

“Through our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, our GenAI Telco Solution will give our customers a way to boost the quality of services they are able to offer while reining in operational costs and improving retention, giving them a win-win scenario in today’s hyper-competitive landscape,” said Bob Titus, Chief Technology Officer at Netcracker.

Edited by Alex Passett
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