Netcracker Propels Generative AI in Telecom

By Greg Tavarez September 12, 2023

The confidentiality of telco data makes it difficult for CSPs to benefit from the transformational capabilities of generative AI models. There is no denying that the use of GenAI models can help CSPs leverage real-time data to deliver exceptional value and productivity gains. However, the large proportion of telco data that changes constantly creates challenges for operators to leverage real-time data.

For example, the substantial changes in the 5G ecosystem bring new dimensions to the telecom threat landscape and opportunities for malicious actors to exploit network security vulnerabilities. Therefore, telco enterprises must step up their cyber protection practices and rethink the tools and processes they use to transform and strengthen their security capabilities.

Enter Netcracker and its new GenAI Telco Solution, which brings the value of transformative GenAI technology to the telecom industry.

Netcracker, a subsidiary owned by NEC (News - Alert), possesses the knowledge, organizational ethos and resources to assist global service providers in revamping their enterprises to excel in the digital economy. The company's pioneering offerings, highlighted by the Netcracker Digital Platform, along with its service-oriented approach and uninterrupted three-decade history of successful deliveries, enable service providers to attain their digital transformation objectives. This, in turn, propels their evolution from telecom to technology companies within their organizational framework.

Now, with its innovative GenAI Telco Solution, Netcracker allows CSPs to leverage their telecom data and expertise securely and under their control. The result? A multitude of advantages for customers, partners and their own enterprises. These advantages encompass tailored telco-centric scenarios, such as care assistant, agent partner, sales assistant, catalog assistant and digital operations technician.

“When leveraging enterprise telco data with GenAI, it is crucial to address the data privacy, security and quality concerns,” said Bob Titus, chief technology officer at Netcracker. “Netcracker’s GenAI Telco Solution enables service providers to securely tap into their telco data and maximize the value from multiple GenAI models and platforms.”

The GenAI Telco Solution combines Netcracker's extensive leadership and proficiency in telecom IT with AI technology breakthroughs. The comprehensive offering comprises the GenAI Telco Platform, which encompasses Knowledge Management for constructing, evaluating and optimizing telco-specific scenarios, spanning customer support, business operations, sales and network management.

Additionally, it incorporates the GenAI Trust Gateway (News - Alert). It operates in real time to craft the finest personalized prompts, ensuring top-tier GenAI interactions, while safeguarding sensitive telco data to guarantee maximum security and precision.

“Our solution and library of interaction models allow service providers to quickly generate tangible business value from GenAI for their customers and their internal operations,” said Titus

Netcracker's solution is fully integrated with the most widely used commercial GenAI models, offering CSPs a unified approach. This allows them to select their preferred blend of public and private models, aligning with their business requirements and optimizing their return on investment.

Furthermore, Netcracker developed robust, ready-to-use applications tailored to each facet of the telco industry, streamlining adoption and expediting the realization of benefits.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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