Aculab's Prosody X Evo Bridges TDM and IP Networks

By Greg Tavarez September 05, 2023

The chasm between traditional Time-Division Multiplexing, or TDM, networks and IP-based networks represents a shift in telecommunications. In one corner, TDM networks, an antiquated technology, partition communication channels into fixed time slots, assuring dedicated bandwidth for each connection. In the other corner, IP-based networks, rooted in packet switching, disassemble data into packets that traverse the network independently. This foundation of the modern internet engenders dynamic routing, redefining the landscape of communication.

Infrastructure delineates another contrasting facet. TDM networks mandate dedicated hardware and physical links for each channel, yielding an inflexible and unscalable infrastructure. In contrast, IP networks boast versatility, adapting to diverse technologies and existing infrastructure. This adaptability facilitates seamless scaling and accommodates emerging technologies with ease.

Efficiency is another divide. TDM networks are marred by bandwidth underutilization due to their rigid time-slot allocation, leading to wasted capacity during low traffic periods. IP networks, by dynamically allocating resources based on demand, optimize bandwidth utilization, making them more resource efficient. This efficiency further reinforces the prominence of IP-based networks in modern communication landscapes, embracing multifaceted data types and services on a single, agile platform.

Again, as previously stated, there is a chasm between TDM and IP-based networks. To bridge that gap, Aculab, a provider of deployment-proven AI and communications technologies, announced Prosody X Evo.

Prosody X Evo offers a comprehensive suite of media processing and call control signaling capabilities, drawing from Aculab (News - Alert)'s portfolio. This provides easier connectivity to PSTN and IP networks, providing a hardware solution that is adaptable and cost-efficient.

Prosody X Evo supports up to 128 SS7 signaling links per chassis. It excels in high-capacity media processing, the ability to manage media and control traffic across different networks, and offers configurations with 4, 8 or 16 E1/T1 trunks. The 16-trunk variant eliminates the need for applications to manage complex inter-card H.100 bus switching and timeslot assignment, streamlining TDM switching between resources on a single card.

This versatile device holds global telecom approvals and ensures long-term support, with a minimum of five years of coverage. It prioritizes security, accommodating future operating systems seamlessly. The high-capacity media processing module simplifies the process by automatically loading and making available all necessary media processing algorithms once the chassis is operational.

Additionally, Prosody X Evo supports various advanced technologies, such as speech codec transcoding, multi-way conferencing, fax processing at high speeds, call progress analysis and live speaker detection.

“With Prosody X Evo, you can seamlessly connect to PSTN and IP networks while preserving interoperability in the ever-evolving landscape of modern business,” said Ladan Baghai-Ravary, CEO at Aculab.

Prosody X Evo is a feature-rich solution suitable for a wide range of telephony applications, including IVR, call centers, fax, broadcasting, conferencing, VoIP and military applications.

Edited by Alex Passett
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