Rapid Start and Seamless Scaling: IQGeo's New Software Editions for Fiber Operators

By Greg Tavarez August 11, 2023

Fiber and broadband providers are pressured by consumers to deliver high-speed connectivity that is reliable. Look back at the last time you were in the market for a new provider. At the top of your list were price, speed and reliability.

To counter this pressure, providers need to adopt a unified approach by utilizing a single platform with a common user experience for network management.

IQGeo, a developer of geospatial software that is “building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, announced three new editions of its Network Manager Telecom product to provide rapid startup for fiber network operators and a seamless path to automating and scaling up business processes.

The Network Manager Telecom solution leverages real-time data and spatial intelligence to visualize network assets, offers seamless integration with existing systems, ensures accurate network documentation and scales to accommodate network growth. Network Manager Telecom enhances collaboration among teams, simplifies complex network management and contributes to high levels of network reliability, meeting the industry's demands for effective network management.

With the introduction of Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions, organizations from private fiber network owners to large broadband and telecom operators can now begin with the edition that fits their current network management needs and seamlessly upgrade as their network requirements change.

The Insight edition of Network Manager Telecom provides organizations with an affordable geospatial fiber management solution, facilitating the documentation, updating and sharing of network asset data across the board. Tailored specifically for fiber networks, this edition is particularly well-suited for entities such as municipalities, educational and corporate campuses, transit authorities and utilities, offering a cost-effective means to manage their network assets effectively.

The Professional edition offers a versatile fiber management solution, boasting the same rapid deployment as the Insight edition while providing the added benefit of configurable features. Users can easily tailor the product, creating new network model features and workflow forms without requiring software programming skills. Geared toward fiber networks, this edition is particularly advantageous for operators with extensive network coverage, aiming to establish and customize digital processes for network deployment and management, all without the need for code development. This edition suits commercial broadband and fiber network operators, as well as the Department of Transportation and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The Enterprise edition of Network Manager Telecom builds upon the capabilities of the Professional edition. The difference is that this edition allows operators to extend APIs, catering to the wide array of systems, processes and user demands often encountered in large-scale network environments. The Enterprise edition empowers operators to create tailored software solutions to address advanced workflow and integration requirements.

Specifically designed for fiber, copper, and HFC networks, this edition targets enterprise-level broadband, Multiple System Operator and cable operators aiming to enhance their network management capabilities. It's ideal for those seeking to expand the solution's support to encompass innovative workflows that demand integration, a need that can only be effectively met through the development of custom software.

Additionally, IQGeo created industry specific network model templates to make the deployment of Network Manager Telecom even easier. The first three have been designed specifically for FTTH, Intelligent Transportation Systems and private network operators. These model templates give new customers a competitive edge by accelerating fiber rollout and time to value, and IQGeo has plans to release additional templates in the future.  

"With this new launch, IQGeo is unique in offering flexible deployment options with a clear growth path that protects our customer’s long-term technology investment,” said Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo. ““With different capabilities and price points, any fiber operator can now take advantage of an Integrated Network solution that supports their entire lifecycle.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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