Empowering Fans: Extreme Networks Steps Up to the Plate at MLB All-Star Week 2023

By Greg Tavarez July 10, 2023

The MLB (News - Alert) All-Star Game doesn’t come with the hype like the World Series does, but it still gives fans a chance to see some of the best players from the American League and the National League together in one game. Events leading up to it cannot be forgotten, either; the Swingman Classic, the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game and, probably the one that draws the most viewers, the Home Run Derby. Each have their own charm.

Throughout the years, fans have experienced some memorable moments that are still talked about today. Josh Hamilton’s sensational performance in the 2008 Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium, Aaron Judge making his Home Run Derby debut as a rookie and winning in 2017, Cal Ripken Jr.’s final All-Star Game in 2001, and, to take it way back, Pete Rose’s collision at home plate with Ray Fosse in the 1970 game.

No doubt baseball fans have experienced some fascinating moments in the history of the MLB All-Star Week, and no doubt more experiences will be created.

Extreme Networks is helping create even more memorable experiences as the official sponsor of the MLB All-Star Week 2023 in Seattle. Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6 solutions are powering next-generation in-stadium fan experiences at Lumen Field and T-Mobile (News - Alert) Park.

Wi-Fi 6 provides faster speeds, increased capacity and improved performance in high-density environments. With Extreme's Wi-Fi 6 solutions, fans can enjoy faster and more reliable connectivity throughout the stadium.

Extreme's Wi-Fi 6 solutions efficiently handle large crowds, allowing more devices to connect simultaneously without compromising performance. This ensures that fans can stay connected and engaged, regardless of the size of the crowd. The technology also enables enhanced multimedia experiences, allowing fans to stream high-definition videos, access interactive content, and even participate in augmented or virtual reality (AR or VR) experiences related to the game.

More than 2,000 Wi-Fi 6 access points are deployed across Lumen Field and T-Mobile Park to deliver an memorable experience for everyone attending All-Star Week. The network supports thousands of fan devices, IoT devices like IPTVs and a new 10,000-square-foot LED system, cashless transactions, the MLB All-Star Experience Pass App at Capital One (News - Alert) Play Ball Park as well as connectivity for fans across the Lumen Field Event Center.

Extreme and MLB also worked together to add Wi-Fi coverage managed through ExtremeCloud IQ at the entrances to Play Ball Park at Lumen Field, enabling better connectivity in the fan festival and expanding bandwidth for fans who need to download the Experience Pass app or mobile tickets.

“The network is the connective tissue supporting nearly every digital experience across MLB All-Star Week,” said Wes Durow (News - Alert), Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme. “High-performance, customer-facing connectivity has become table stakes in every industry, but with powerful analytics that enable organizations to make data-driven decisions based on user preferences, we can take it a step further to continuously improve services, from the ballpark applications fans rely on to navigate the stadium to online testing in school districts or virtual family visits for patients in hospitals.”

Additionally, ExtremeAnalytics is enabling league officials to gather and leverage real-time network insights. By analyzing user behavior, league officials can personalize services and tailor offerings to meet fan preferences. The solution also enhances network security, detecting and preventing potential threats, ensuring a safe environment for fans to connect their devices.

“MLB has been at the forefront of using technology to improve the game and the way fans experience the game and the ballpark,” said Kari Escobedo, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Seattle Mariners. “And now that we’re beginning to use analytics, we can get smarter about the ways we plan future upgrades and partnerships so we can continue providing better experiences every time fans return to see their favorite teams play in Seattle.”

Extreme’s solutions enable the MLB to keep fans connected and deliver an immersive All-Star Game experience, allowing fans to stay engaged, share their experiences and make the most of their time at week’s events.

Edited by Alex Passett
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