Juniper and ServiceNow Enable Seamless End-to-End Automation

By Greg Tavarez May 25, 2023

AI-driven closed-loop automation solutions and their range of benefits, such as addressing critical challenges faced by organizations in manual and reactive processes, resource allocation, incident management and scalability, continue to take the digital world by storm. As a result, MSPs and large enterprises are becoming more intrigued.

But we can look at this from a traditional viewpoint, asl well (without the integration of AI-driven closed-loop automation).

MSPs and large enterprises often find themselves grappling with inefficient and error-prone manual processes. The lack of automation leads to longer resolution times, hampering both service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Incident management also becomes a hurdle without AI-driven closed-loop automation. Traditional approaches rely on manual monitoring and analysis, resulting in delayed detection and response times. This prolongs downtime and adversely impacts service levels.

Scalability poses another challenge for MSPs and large enterprises. As their operations grow, managing increasing workloads and diverse infrastructure becomes more complex. Without automation, maintaining efficiency and quality while scaling becomes difficult, limiting organizational growth potential.

Recognizing these challenges, MSPs and large enterprises are turning to AI-driven closed-loop automation solutions. To deliver that solution, Juniper Networks announced it joined the ServiceNow Technology Partner Program, enabling both companies to expand their global reach while delivering better experiences for MSPs and enterprise IT teams and their end users.

Through the partnership (which leverages Juniper Mist Cloud and ServiceNow (News - Alert) Telecom Service Management and Order Management for Telecom), joint customers eliminate multi-layer, multivendor solutions and boost network deployment and operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

Juniper and ServiceNow’s integrated turnkey solution combines AI-driven automation with closed-loop functionality. This seamless integration into existing systems allows for swift network and services deployments, empowering organizations with enhanced efficiency and improved service delivery.

Leveraging intelligent automation and continuous feedback loops, businesses achieve accelerated operations, reduced errors and rapid time-to-value. This collaboration signifies an advancement in automation, equipping organizations with a tool for productivity and success in the dynamic business landscape.

“Together, Juniper Networks (News - Alert) and ServiceNow are redefining the possibilities for end-to-end automation by providing both Service Provider and Enterprise customers with a complete set of intelligent tools to streamline operations, improve experiences and lower costs,” said Rohit Batra, Global General Manager and Vice President of Telco, Media and Technology Industries at ServiceNow.

For MSPs, this partnership streamlines intricate, manual and multiorganizational workflows that encompass the customer lifecycle, starting from onboarding and extending throughout the relationship. By leveraging the combined power of Juniper and ServiceNow, service providers reduce the time to revenue, thanks to the readily available automated workflows.

Key features include:

  • Customer onboarding and order management: The automation solution simplifies and expedites the process of onboarding new customers, ensuring a seamless experience from the outset. It also facilitates efficient order management, minimizing delays and errors.
  • Template-based abstractions for simplified network services deployment: The solution provides reusable templates that streamline the deployment of network services. This standardized approach simplifies and accelerates the provisioning process, reducing complexity and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • End-to-end monitoring and alerting: With the integrated solution, MSPs and their customers gain access to comprehensive monitoring capabilities. The system offers real-time monitoring and alerting functionalities, enabling proactive issue detection and rapid response to ensure optimal network performance.

The benefits extend to joint customers and their end users, who can capitalize on the following advantages:

  • Seamless network service provisioning, monitoring, and alerting: The automation solution ensures end-to-end management of network services. From provisioning to ongoing monitoring, customers enjoy a streamlined experience, ensuring consistent service quality and performance.
  • Minimized manual workflows and operator errors: By automating complex workflows, the solution minimizes reliance on manual intervention. This reduces the chances of errors and inconsistencies, enhancing overall operational efficiency and reliability.
  • Proactive auto-ticketing for network and service issue detection through AIOps: Leveraging advanced AIOps capabilities, the solution enables proactive detection of network and service issues. This facilitates automatic ticket creation, allowing for swift troubleshooting and resolution, leading to improved service availability and customer satisfaction.

“By leveraging the power of Juniper and ServiceNow, we are able to maximize the value of our offerings and drive meaningful value for our Service Provider and Enterprise customers and their customers,” said Sudheer Matta, Group Vice President of Products at Juniper Networks. “By combining ServiceNow’s powerful service management capabilities with Juniper’s AI-driven network automation, customers can benefit from a comprehensive end-to-end automation solution.”

Juniper and ServiceNow continue to build upon the long-standing relationship between the two companies, rooted in common philosophies and open architectures that maximize user experiences.

Edited by Alex Passett
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