T-Mobile Shatters Barriers with Uplink Speeds in 5G Advancement

By Greg Tavarez May 22, 2023

5G has certainly had its fair share of misconceptions and humorous tales the past few years. From the group of individuals who believed that wearing aluminum foil hats would protect them from the perceived dangers of 5G and the “5G will cook you” myth, to the idea of Wi-Fi networks being stolen by 5G, these stories may have caused a few laughs. They also remind everyone of the human tendency to embrace the unknown with a mix of curiosity, imagination and sometimes a touch of absurdity.

On a more serious note, 5G continues to transform connectivity and reshape lives. T-Mobile, a company known for its innovative approach to the telecommunications landscape, has been at the forefront of the 5G revolution. In 2020, the Un-carrier launched a nationwide 5G standalone network, setting the stage for a true 5G-only experience. This network covers a 326 million people across 2 million square miles.

And T-Mobile (News - Alert)'s continues to show its commitment in delivering what it believes is the largest and fastest 5G network. The Un-carrier recently reached a milestone to back that belief. Partnering with Nokia and Qualcomm Technologies, T-Mobile reached uplink speeds surpassing 200 Mbps in a 5G data call. The achievement underscores the significance of increased uplink speeds in revolutionizing everyday lives and unlocking the full potential of applications such as video livestreaming, gaming and extended reality, or XR.

To achieve the 200 Mbps uplink speeds, T-Mobile harnessed the power of carrier aggregation, a technique that enables the combination of multiple channels or carriers to deliver enhanced performance. By merging two 5G channels (namely, the mid-band spectrum of 2.5 GHz Ultra Capacity 5G and 1900 MHz), T-Mobile transformed the data transmission experience. The result was akin to transforming two separate highways into a superhighway, allowing traffic to zoom faster than ever before.

“T-Mobile has led the industry with 5G standalone since 2020, and we're continuing to drive breakthroughs that advance 5G technology around the globe,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “We’re building the most advanced 5G network in the world, opening the door for massive innovation and laying the foundation for new capabilities that will transform the world around us.”

T-Mobile's constant pursuit of 5G excellence has placed it at the forefront of the industry, propelling the evolution of this groundbreaking technology. By spearheading advancements such as carrier aggregation and Voice over New Radio, T-Mobile has set a new standard for wireless connectivity, ensuring that its customers enjoy innovative 5G experiences.

Edited by Alex Passett
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