New GoTo Innovations Improve the IT Experience

By Greg Tavarez April 25, 2023

Businesses today are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and stay competitive. One of the ways they do this is by investing in technological solutions that help them achieve their goals. To measure the effectiveness and impacts of their technology investments and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and success, organizations use key performance indicators (KPIs) such as productivity improvement, cost-savings, end-user experience and business process improvements.

GoTo, the company making IT easy, anywhere (with remote management and support and business communication software) offers its customers the ability to achieve measurable benefits in all those areas with its portfolio that includes GoTo Resolve, GoTo Customer Engagement and GoTo Connect.

GoTo Resolve, for example, allows organizations to stay on top of their IT needs with a single solution that combines remote monitoring and management, remote access and support, ticketing and automation. GoTo Connect allows organizations to streamline IT with a cloud phone system with built-in meetings and messaging.

And to make IT even easier and help customers and IT teams save more time and money as well as improve productivity, GoTo has announced new features across its products. These include a unique-to-GoTo integration with Rescue and Google (News - Alert) Translate, an integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the launch of a redesigned softphone experience.

First, the enhancements to GoTo Resolve.

GoTo Resolve improved its IT helpdesk by implementing a ticketing portal that includes advanced customizations and IT modifications that are tailored to workflow requirements. As a result, end-users gain the ability to access, comment on and track their tickets from a centralized location. But that’s not all for the ticketing portal; the GoTo Resolve and Zendesk integration allows remote support session initiation and the ability to automatically track session information within the same Zendesk ticket.

In addition, GoTo Resolve's Scheduled Automations enable teams to automate the management, updating and securing of devices at the optimal time. This includes deploying software updates, performing system cleanups, capturing logs, or running any scripts that are best for both end-users and IT.

As for GoTo Connect, it introduced more than 25 new administrative APIs including phone, extension, device and location APIs to streamline new application creations. The new call-level analytics feature of GoTo Connect provides improved insight into customer call flows, which helps decrease the number of dropped calls. GoTo Connect also makes the job of IT administrators easier by offering simplified network testing that allows them to monitor network performance and locate network issues geographically. Furthermore, GoTo Connect also added a widget to its main application, which makes it easier to manage calls. This widget allows users to switch phone numbers for outgoing calls, park or transfer calls and set E911 locations with ease.

And regarding the GoTo Customer Engagement enhancements, GoTo Customer Engagement now offers customizable surveys that allow result tracking with analytics to ensure quality customer care. It also has a new mobile experience to instantly engage and interact with customers from anywhere with a mobile inbox and shared contacts.

But perhaps one of the more eye-opening new features, solely because of ChatGPT being a hot topic across the board, is GoTo Customer Engagement’s integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT that uses GoTo's AI-powered messaging assistant to quickly generate clear and simple customer content. The integration offers customizable surveys that allow result tracking with analytics to ensure quality customer care, as well as a new mobile experience to instantly engage and interact with customers from anywhere with a mobile inbox and shared contacts.

“As the demands of our customers continue to evolve, GoTo remains committed to evolving and growing with them,” says Paddy Srinivasan, CEO, GoTo. “These cutting-edge product innovations will help our customers take productivity, savings and usability to the next level while empowering businesses to make smart decisions and improve the overall customer and IT team experience.”

Other new features to the GoTo portfolio include:

  • Rescue and Google Translate providing a unique integration with real-time, multilingual support to customers with easy default language setup and customizable glossaries.
  • GoToMyPC centralizing its security center dashboard to manage settings, improve device vulnerabilities and view security score to track improvements.

At a time when businesses face myriad economic challenges, they are more determined than ever to enhance productivity and outcomes while simultaneously improving the experiences of their employees and customers. This is where GoTo's latest features have stepped up to the plate.

Edited by Alex Passett
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