'Mei' as well try: Mei App Adds Smarter AI to Messaging Apps to Support Users' Communications

By Alex Passett March 30, 2023

AI technologies developer Mei App (pronounced like “may”) is determined to help people communicate more fruitfully. Within Mei’s apps, Mei’s AI assistant (self-titled Mei, as well) will take a thoughtful and informed approach to interactions. As users develop more, quote, “history” in speaking with Mei, the AI can provide communication advice and suggestions on nearly any topic. Mei can also analyze chat histories in order to provide insights like personality traits, emotions and intentions, and even how to achieve balance in relationships.

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

The company’s goal is for its Mei assistant to improve users’ communications so they, in turn, can communicate more deeply with others.

This generative and conversational AI in the form of Mei will be a whiz at composing highly personalized text messages. Say, for example, a user speaks with Mei about a romantic partner who “ghosted” them, or about a frustrating exchange with a family member, or even about more nuanced topics that require them – the human – to reply thoughtfully.

This is where Mei can help. By preserving the human user’s intent, personality and unique messaging style, Mei as a tool can lend a virtual hand in how we extend ourselves out to others in well-spoken manners, even if we didn’t (at first) have the right words for it.

It’s an incredibly interesting topic, as many already agree. No one wants to botch an already-prickly conversation with someone (especially someone they care about), thus worsening things. That said, what shouldn’t become a trend is people relying on AI like Mei to handle anything and everything for them, thus loosening our collective holds on communicative skills in general. As with everything in life, there must be balance.

"For years,” said Es Lee, Mei’s founder, “users have looked to AI to help them communicate mor sincerely, but we’ve had to wait for generative and conversational AI to catch up, to advance. Now that it’s accessible enough to compose the actual texts, we can provide users all the personalized notes and guidance they want to reach out and deepen connections, all from the comfort of their messenger app.”

In addition to this AI-powered relationship coaching, of course, the Mei bot can be customized for both Android (News - Alert) and iOS to make it as user-friendly as possible. (e.g. folders, encrypted chats, etc.)

“Our AI coach is always available and responds immediately,” Lee added, “and comes without personal judgements. But this is no easy task, so we welcome any partners who’d like to get involved on Mei research projects.”

With Mei’s “Four I’s” philosophy – Improved and modernized messaging, Intelligent replies, Incentivization for users to share data that will help them, and an Incognito mode built in for users more comfortable with anonymity – where and how Mei may support those wishing to communicate better will be noted later this year.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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