Mobileum Assists Service Providers through Data Management Platform

By Greg Tavarez February 22, 2023

Service providers tend to have access to large amounts of data. The thing is, they struggle to analyze and leverage it holistically across the organization. There are reasons for this. 

Small and mid-sized service providers may not have dedicated data teams or sufficient resources, incomplete or inaccurate data is difficult to derive insights from it, data comes in from multiple sources and formats or there is a lack of data skillsets such as data analysis, data visualization and data interpretation. 

Analyzing and leveraging data is a complex and time-consuming process, and service providers may face multiple challenges along the way. 

Mobileum, a provider of telecom analytics solutions, makes that process easier with the new release of its Active Intelligence Platform, a cloud-native big data solution designed to collect and analyze a growing volume, velocity and diversity of complex data streams generated by CSP (News - Alert) networks. 

Mobileum's Active Intelligence is a big data platform that combines several software tools to collect and analyze the growing volume, velocity and variety of data on CSPs. Active Intelligence is a single one-stop solution for all big data needs of a CSP independent of its size and data volume. 

The new release of AIP is built on an advanced data lakehouse architecture and lays the foundation for one platform, one technology, one data policy and one user experience. This foundation allows customers to manage data as a product, providing different functional stakeholders and domain-specific team members the ability to collaborate with complete control and visibility over the data lifecycle.  

“AIP's new data lakehouse architecture provides a common repository for both structured and unstructured data – enabling better AI/ML-powered insights with fewer resources," said Avnish Chauhan, chief technology officer at Mobileum. "This latest release steps up operators' low-code capabilities, allowing citizen data scientists to create their own analytical use cases and forecasts quickly and easily." 

Each Mobileum application built on top of AIP benefits from its analytical capabilities and insights. The new release expands possibilities in various fields, such as in network anomaly detection, root cause analysis and trouble ticketing. Additionally, it enhances integrated risk management. This enables rich, real-time insights and tight integration between security and fraud applications. 

"This is the kind of agility and flexibility that every network operator needs in the era of 5G,” said Chauhan. “The ability to cope with new data formats, new business and deployment models, and new technologies on the fly is now possible with AIP."  

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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