TelcoBridges Builds STIR/SHAKEN Bridge Between IP and Non-IP Networks

By Greg Tavarez January 03, 2023

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission set the STIR/SHAKEN framework with the hopes to stop spoofed robocalls and other problematic phone communication through caller ID authentication. This is of great importance because caller ID authentication technology creates a trust that callers are who they say they are. The outcome is a reduction of fraudulently spoofed calls, which better protects Americans from scams.

Large IP-based carriers widely embrace the STIR/SHAKEN framework. However, the story is completely different for non-IP-based legacy networks. They face difficulties delivering the benefits of STIR/SHAKEN because of long-term interconnection contracts with service providers that utilize non-IP networks and more heavily rural or remote locations that require a non-IP interconnection to carry some portion of a voice call.

To assist those non-IP networks, TelcoBridges is in contact with the FCC (News - Alert) through a submitted filing to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry for the implementation of caller-ID authentication on non-IP networks.

TelcoBridges’ media gateways enable communication between IP and non-IP networks. The partnership with TransNexus allows TelcoBridges (News - Alert) to provides a solution that combines TransNexus’ software with TelcoBridges hardware and SBCs to deliver the benefits of STIR/SHAKEN across IP and non-IP networks.

This solution supports the ATIS (News - Alert) out-of-band or in-band options, giving non-IP network providers flexibility to choose either option or a combination of both.

“The input we’ve provided to the FCC is designed to let the industry know that there’s no need to wait on future resolutions to IP interconnection issues to close the STIR/SHAKEN gap across non-IP networks,” said TelcoBridges’ Chief Marketing Officer Alan Percy (News - Alert). “Our turnkey robocall mitigation solution for IP and non-IP networks is available today, and it can be deployed in a matter of hours.”

Implementation of TelcoBridges’ solution allows service providers to address non-IP gaps across a call path, authenticate calls and facilitate the transmission of SHAKEN PASSPORT information over TDM ISUP circuits.

The successfully demonstrated solution proves the technical viability of the in-band SHAKEN solution.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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