YouMail and WMC Global Manifest 360-degree Safeguard Against Phishing Scams

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  October 06, 2022

Cellphones are a big part of American’s lives today as they are used to call and send text messages to anyone from just about anywhere. And those with smartphones comes the convenience of browsing the internet and switching between social media and entertainment apps seamlessly – and so much more.

Around 97% of Americans own a cellphone, according to Pew (News - Alert) Research Center, and bad actors in scam SMS and voice calls are licking their lips knowing nearly the entire American population is a potential target.

A safeguard is needed against voice and SMS phishing scams, and call protection services provider YouMail and WMC Global revealed a joint cybersecurity intelligence solution to create that safeguard with a 360-degree mobile communication defense.

YouMail (News - Alert) Protective Services, the B2B division of YouMail, protects enterprises by detecting and eliminating imposter traffic. This provides vishing protection against brand reputation damage. YouMail Protective Services also protects communication service providers with robocall mitigation services that detect unwanted traffic originating, traversing or terminating on their networks

Meanwhile, WMC Global focuses more on threat actor phishing kits, compromised credential recovery, mobile number investigations and takedowns and consumer text message analysis through its anti-phishing suite. The suite analyzes, classifies and disarms mobile threats before a victim's personal data is exploited.

Combined, the services will enable enterprises that have threat actors impersonating them and phishing consumers to mitigate these risks and improve their effectiveness at preventing fraud and serving their customers. 

"With this marriage of voice and SMS protection, enterprises like banks now have a powerful weapon against threat actors using mobile phishing attacks against their customers," said Alex Quilici (News - Alert), CEO of YouMail.

Ian Matthews, CEO of WMC Global, agrees with Quilici by saying that the combined services will help telecoms uncover illegal calls and texts, prevent brand impersonation and, most importantly, protect customers from potential identity theft.

Edited by Erik Linask