STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Fortifies Phonexa's Telecom Security

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  October 03, 2022

Almost every American has received a phone call from the IRS, a financial institution, or some a local number that looks harmless.  The calls tend to be about the IRS needing taxes paid or an agency offering to extend a car’s warranty, some other financial transaction, or a variety of other seemingly relevant transactions. Of course, these are scams. The IRS isn’t calling actually calling you.

The act to make the call look secure from the IRS or some other group or individual is called spoofing, and the Federal Communications Commission made it mandatory for the telecommunications industry to implement STIR/SHAKEN protocols to crack down on those spoofed robocalls.

STIR/SHAKEN protocols essentially help verify calling parties to increase security and make it easier for legitimate companies to do business with customers.  Marketing automation platform Phonexa solidified its telecommunications security with certification for the full implementation of STIR/SHAKEN compliance protocols.

STIR/SHAKEN certification will reinforce the security of Phonexa's telecommunications systems by counteracting the risks associated with illegal spam robocalls contacting consumers. Phonexa clients and their customers will benefit from the both inbound and outbound caller verification.

"Phonexa's STIR/SHAKEN compliance assures that our telecommunications systems and controls are tailored to protect parties on both ends of the phone call, thus ensuring a better overall caller experience," said Lilit Davtyan, CEO of Phonexa. "Our STIR/SHAKEN certification is a testament to the value Phonexa places on security and transparency."

Phonexa’s Call Logic product will help businesses ensure that calls go through a certification repository to authenticate the identity of callers, communicate if a caller's identification was spoofed and trace call origination. Call Logic also provides 24/7 call management support and tools that will enhance the customer journey.

"Our telecommunications practices are suitably designed to foster trust among call recipients, which makes them more likely to answer your calls,” said Davtyan.

Phonexa’s certification was issued by Neustar, a secure telephone identity certification authority providing STIR/SHAKEN certificate services to compliant voice service providers. 

Edited by Erik Linask