Ikue Platform Utilizes Customer Data to Increase Telecom Revenues

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  September 26, 2022

Telecom operators are committed to reducing customer turnover and price erosion while driving cross- and upselling opportunities. To do it, they need a single, unified view of each individual customer to target the right person with the right message through their marketing programs.

However, too many customer engagement messages are poorly targeted, mistimed and irrelevant, and ROI in marketing programs is decreased. U.K.-based customer data and personalization startup Ikue launched a program to help solve those challenges in the telecom market with its Customer Data Platform. Ikue's CDP will help operators increase service revenues by creating a unified, real-time, single view of the customer to inform all marketing offers.

"The explosion of customer data and customer touchpoints has resulted in multiple data silos being used by the different MarTech applications,” said Bronwynne Stoddart, founder and CEO at Ikue. Ikue's CDP will be used to simplify the data landscape, reduce costs of data management, improve adherence to privacy and ultimately complement existing Martech applications.

Ikue’s innovative SaaS (News - Alert) platform assembles data from disparate locations across the telco enterprise and stitches customer data together to form a persistent ID, in one place, in real time. This allows marketers to leverage the right data and insights to drive every decision, communication and customer interaction.

Ikue’s CDP pre-built analytical models and machine learning algorithms automatically transform raw customer data into rich insights, identifying customers to target, either for cross/up sell activities or proactive retention campaigns. Ikue’s machine learning code will automatically recommend the mapping between the source data and the Ikue Customer State Model.

The Customer State Model, based on TM Forum (News - Alert) standards, depicts the overall state of the customer at any point in time. The predefined taxonomy automatically organizes customer traits into a hierarchy for ease of use and understanding and is based on known high-value data attributes needed for telco marketing activities.

Stoddart said Ikue is “looking to target small to midsize operators who tend to have a relatively lower level of marketing maturity and are not well served by the large marketing cloud players meaning it is more difficult to deliver a high-quality customer experience."

Ikue's CDP was developed by a team of telecom technologists and marketers to help telecom operators target the right customer at the right time with the right message to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Edited by Erik Linask