Bandwidth Expands Emergency Services With Help From Three New Partners

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  December 08, 2021

Cloud communications company Bandwidth Inc. recently announced new partnerships with three 911 caller location management application service providers, 911 Secure, 911Inform, and 9Line Software, to further enhance Bandwidth’s (News - Alert) emergency service capabilities, while also maintaining compliance with RAY BAUM’s Act.

Each company partnering with Bandwidth will provide a unique service to increase the speed and accuracy of emergency service requests. 911 Secure specializes in phone location data and mapping, making it simple for first-responders to find floor plans and building entrances to quickly find callers. 9Line Software offers real-time address information for 911 calls, so responders have an accurate destination in the event of a time-sensitive emergency situation. 911Inform provides advanced monitoring tools  for IoT premise-based tech, such as camera feeds, phones, and security systems, making it easier for responders to assess situations prior to arrival. 

"With these best-in-class partners, whatever your operating environment looks like, we can now tailor-make an end-to-end emergency services solution on the Bandwidth platform that is cloud ready and customized for your unique environment," said John Bell, Chief Product Officer at Bandwidth. "This is another example of how Bandwidth is continuing to simplify enterprise communications and add new capabilities in order to help customers implement fast, reliable, accurate 911 services to ensure regulatory compliance and peace of mind."

RAY BAUM’s Act is set to go into full effect in less than one month, which means organizations with multi-line phone systems are required to provide accurate location data for 911 calls. Bandwidth’s recent technology partnerships make it simple for organizations to move beyond bare-minimum compliance measures, and offer responders incredibly detailed information to address crisis situations effectively. 

Edited by Luke Bellos