Broadvoice Introduces Customer Success Program

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  November 18, 2021

Upgrading to a cloud-based communications system is a necessary task for businesses to function effectively in the increasingly hybrid global economy. However, deployments can become a tricky task for less technically savvy establishments, often causing delays or service issues not long after going live.

To ensure cloud customers experience a proper deployment for their new cloud-based communications system, UCaaS leader Broadvoice recently launched a 90 day Customer Success Program. New customers can now work with Broadvoice’s dedicated Customer Success Orientation Team for installation assistance, employee training, and troubleshooting for a problem-free service launch.

“Once a company has chosen to leverage the Broadvoice b-hive platform for all-in-one communications and collaboration, we know they want to experience the benefits right away,” said Herb Pyles, Chief Operating Officer at Broadvoice. “That’s why we’ve always had a multistep implementation process complete with user training. Now, we’re building on that best practice by providing dedicated specialists to guide them through the first 90 days to ensure their experiences are maximized.”

Businesses taking part in the Broadvoice Customer Success Program receive a welcome packet with thorough installation instructions, as well as contact information for a dedicated Customer Success agent. The Broadvoice agent will essentially act as guide through the entire deployment, offering advice and useful tips for a smooth transition. After 90 days, customers receive a “graduation packet” which includes additional contact information for further questions, as well as instructions for submitting service tickets.

Edited by Maurice Nagle