CareRev Migrates Call Center for Productivity Boost

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  August 31, 2021

Cloud communications leader Dialpad recently announced CareRev, a healthcare workplace transformation solutions provider, has migrated to the Dialpad platform, offering healthcare service providers advanced cloud solutions for call centers and customer service.

According to representatives of the CareRev, Dialpad’s capabilities have already produced impressive results within the first 3 months, with the company reporting a 90% drop in missed calls.

The pandemic has put a massive strain on numerous industries dealing with large customer bases, but none may have been hit as hard as the healthcare service industry.

The high demand for telehealth services over the last year has made it difficult for call centers to keep up with every single call request, forcing many companies to turn to cloud services for immediate support. Businesses that were once flooded with endless calls can now better manage these requests thanks to call management tools, analytics, and AI, all found under Dialpad’s unified platform.

“Dialpad helps me be a better manager. The notifications I receive go straight to my phone to let me know how many agents are available, how many callers are waiting in the queue, and if someone has been waiting more than five minutes to get through to the agent,” said Dionne Humphrey, Customer Support Operations Manager, CareRev. “It also lets me know if the amount of calls coming in dropped a certain percentage compared to how many should be answered within a certain time. It just keeps me aware of what's going on day-to-day.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle