Five9 and Neustar Fight Robocalls with STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  May 14, 2021

Cloud contact center provider Five9 announced a new partnership with Neustar to bring FCC (News - Alert)-mandated STIR/SHAKEN call authentication software to Five9 customers through Neustar’s Certified Caller process. This collaboration is intended to keep businesses and customers compliant ahead of the June 30th deadline, which requires all service providers to use STIR/SHAKEN to reduce the impact of robocalls and call spoofing.

To those unfamiliar with the FCC mandate, STIR/SHAKEN is a call authentication framework that displays caller information, and provides digital certifications so that users are quickly able to identify suspicious activity or unfamiliar callers. Service providers and customers alike have noticed the dramatic rise in robocalls, which can lead to serious security risks for unsuspecting users. This rise ultimately led to the FCC stepping in to ensure service providers offer added protections against these attacks.

“With the delivery of our support for STIR/SHAKEN before the FCC deadline, Five9 (News - Alert) has taken a leadership position on this important step in restoring consumer confidence in the phone call,” said Five9 Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Rosenberg,“We are pleased to partner with Neustar, the leading authority on STIR/SHAKEN, and by opting in to become a certified carrier with the FCC, Five9 has gone above and beyond to give our customers complete confidence that they can deliver outbound voice calls and communication to their customers that is trustworthy.”

The collaboration between Five9 and Neustar will allow Five9 customer calls to be placed through a PSTN network, which will automatically make calls compliant with the mandate without raising costs or additional installations. Five9 also took the extra step of filing as an FCC carrier, to ensure users feel confident about call safety moving forward.

Edited by Maurice Nagle