Avaya, Spearline Team to Ensure Call Quality for OneCloud Users

By Erik Linask October 07, 2020

Paul, the guy that was in the “Can you hear me now?” commercials for Verizon, and then moved on to work with Sprint (News - Alert), was onto something.  Simply, it’s that connectivity and voice quality matter.  His ads with Sprint claimed that all networks are great.  But it’s not always that case that everyone has great connectivity or that all call quality is excellent. 

The problem is, they should be.  Poor quality, dropped connections, and calls not even able to connect call cause frustration when it comes to customer service calls, it reduces productivity when it comes to collaboration, and it can mean lost business for sales teams.

That means communications service providers have to be extra vigilant in making sure their networks are up to the task.  After all, where do customers immediately place blame when connections are poor?  Their service providers, of course.  Ensuring high-quality connections becomes even more important with the growth of cloud-based communications, and especially with so many millions of people working remotely from their homes.

Through its OneCloud portfolio, Avaya (News - Alert) is enabling communications and collaboration services for businesses worldwide, including UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS solutions.  But, what Avaya really says it is doing is giving businesses a variety of options through which to deliver seamless, productive communications experiences for their users.

In order to accomplish that objective, Avaya has to have measures in place to limit any network issues.  part of that is done through a hybrid delivery architecture that is designed to prevent service disruptions.  But, it has also partnered with Spearline to support connectivity and connection quality for Avaya’s voice and video collaboration apps.

Spearline tests connectivity, audio quality, and DTMF tones for both toll and toll-free numbers to proactively identify potential issues before they become a problem for customers.  From executives to contact center agents, Spearline helps ensure call quality remains at high levels to maximize the value of each interaction.

“Our telecoms infrastructure is critical to customer engagement capabilities for our collaboration solutions,” said Mehdi Nezarati, VP Cloud Operations and Platform at Avaya.  “Working with Spearline has helped increase visibility into the health of toll-free, standard and conference numbers, allowing our users to seamlessly connect with their customers and employees.”

By using its network of in-market servers, Spearline is able to connect to the carriers customers use, allowing it to accurate replicate and assess customer experiences, regardless of where they are located.  Whether issues arise around connectivity, audio quality, latency, delay, or other measurable metrics, Spearline allows Avaya to troubleshoot problems, ideally before they impact customers.

By partnering with Spearline, Avaya has the tools to monitor their telecoms infrastructure both inside and outside of their network to help ensure call quality and connectivity, leading to positive customer and employee engagement,” added Matthew Lawlor, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Spearline.

Not all call or connection quality issues are on the provider side, but by regularly testing its network, Avaya is able to not only reduce issues in its infrastructure, but also help customers troubleshoot problems on their end more effectively.

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Edited by Erik Linask
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