Telinta Adds Auto-provisioning Profiles for New Grandstream and Yealink Phones

By Erik Linask June 29, 2020

Once upon a time, you got a new telephone, you plugged it in, and it just worked.  It was that simple, and that’s how simple it really should be, even in a VoIP world.  But, if you’ve ever gotten new phones for your business, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn it wasn’t that easy, and that your IT team or service provider had to do some legwork to provision the new IP phones for your service.

That’s likely because you were installing new phones that were not set up with your provider for auto-provisioning. 

This could certainly have presented a significant issue as millions of businesses transitioned workers to work from home environments during the COVID-19 lockdown, as many of them needed to provide new phones for workers. It doesn’t have to be that way, and Telinta is trying to make deployment of new phones as simple as they were when we were all using the PSTN. 

Auto-provisioning has long been a key feature of Telinta’s (News - Alert) TeliCore softswitch platform, making deployment simple for providers so they can quickly deploy any number of IP phones without manual configuration or site visits.  That means users could be up and running and able to perform their jobs quickly, which became incredibly important as workers were prevented from going to their offices.

“Telinta’s automated provisioning can streamline IP phone deployment by helping ITSPs to eliminate human error, and avoid costly installer visits to the customer’s premises,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.

Telinta had already developed auto-provisioning profiles for phones from many popular phone brands, including Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco (News - Alert), Poly, Snom, VTech, and more.  Now, it has added the feature for three additional phones: Grandstream’s 2613 and 2614, and Yealink’s VC500.

“Using the power of the cloud, Telinta customers can easily deploy these popular Grandstream and Yealink (News - Alert) models, plus hundreds of other devices,” added Ferdman.

In addition to auto-provisioning even more devices, providers can also activate or deactivate phone features and update firmware through the same cloud-based solution they rely on for other key functions, like configuring DID providers and VoIP Termination carriers, billing and payments, and other important components of their VoIP business. 

With Telinta’s auto-provisioning capabilities, as soon as the hone come online, they connect automatically to Telinta’s platform to instantly download a complete configuration profile.  It really can be almost as simple as plugging them in and placing calls.

All three companies will be showing their devices and services at ITEXPO (News - Alert) 2021 in Miami, Florida (Grandstream ­– Platinum sponsor, booth # 415; Telinta – booth # 536; Yealink – booth #423.  ITEXPO has always offered businesses the opportunity to learn and about and see firsthand the latest business technologies that are driving innovations in business communications and collaboration.  Part of the TechSuperShow, ITEXPO, along with many of its collocated events, is coming to the brand new Miami Beach Convention Center, June 22-25, 2021.  Along with MSP ExpoSD-WAN ExpoFuture of Work Expo, and more, ITEXPO offers an unprecedented opportunity for education and networking for   Enterprises and SMBs, service providers and carriers, MSPs, and channel partner to explore the latest technologies that are driving business success.  

Edited by Erik Linask
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