MobileIron, Adeya Bring Security to Enterprise Communications with Strategic Partnership

By Erik Linask April 20, 2020

You can never have enough security – just ask the countless businesses that have suffered breaches over the past several years.  It seems every day we’re reading about another high-profile compromise.  It’s a daunting task for businesses, who have to keep on up with the latest evolving threat vectors while still running their businesses.  Then try adding millions of employees unexpectedly and suddenly working from home, as they are now in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  It can be a security nightmare.

The fact is that millions of workers have been put into unfamiliar teleworking environments and are using myriad communications and collaboration tools with a variety of devices.  Some of these are consumer-grade applications, while others are being offered free by communications providers.  Despite their usefulness, however, not all of them have the appropriate security measures in place to protect enterprise communications, which could be putting corporate devices, networks, and data at risk.

Following the theory that more is better, and in a move that is poised to benefit all the enterprise IT teams tasked with keeping their corporate networks, data, and devices safe, MobileIron and Adeya have entered into a strategic partnership that will combine their security solutions and deliver secure collaboration integrated with device security.

With MobileIron’s Unified Endpoint Management platforms and Adeya’s end-to-end encrypted communications solution, IT and security teams can have greater confidence on the security of their users’ voice and video calls, messages, chats, and file sharing. 

“Remote work has become ubiquitous in the Coronavirus era, and our strategic partnership allows organizations to quickly and easily respond to the growing cyber threats to their digital workplaces, during this extraordinary time,” said Samir Khosla, Chairman at Adeya.  “While our users experience an intuitive consumer-style app, behind the scenes our engine is built on robust military-grade security and privacy technology.  The brilliance of our partnership lies in the ease of deployment through the MobileIron UEM.”

Importantly, there is no user education required.  Once deployed, the solution works behind the scenes without creating any disruption to normal communications, but ensuring those interactions are securely transacted. 

“This is especially important, since remote workers have so many other things to juggle as they adapt to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ahmed Shah, vice president of business development at MobileIron.

MobileIron and Adeya are currently offering the combined solution on a free trial basis until June 15 to enable enterprises to rapidly secure their corporate communications without having to bear an additional cost burden.

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Edited by Erik Linask
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