Cloud Voice Alliance Launches at SkySwitch's User Conference Vectors 2019

By Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director  |  October 28, 2019

There’s a challenge nearly every smaller, local business faces in its efforts to grow its customer base – competition from larger competitors with bigger budgets and wider geographic footprints.  The resource gap is significant and can make it difficult for local service providers to succeed.

That’s where partnerships start to play a role and today, at its annual user conference Vectors 2019 in Orlando, Florida, SkySwitch provided a launch platform for a new alliance looking to help small UCaaS providers overcome this challenge.

Today, the Cloud Voice Alliance officially launched and held its inaugural meeting at Vectors 2019, looking to bring together a community of local resellers and MSPs to combine resources and provide each of its members the tools, technology, buying power, and industry visibility to compete with larger players. 

Jeff Dworkin, CVA’s executive director, said the Alliance is launching with more than 450 members nationally, all focused on one goal – delivering the kind of personalized service many larger providers aren’t able to offer, yet which SMBs demand.

“The Cloud Voice Alliance’s mission is to assist our members, the locally owned Cloud PBX (News - Alert) and UCaaS providers, in competing effectively against the growing number of large and mostly self-service national providers,” said Dworkin.  “These national and multinational telecom companies have large and well-funded marketing departments that often drown out the voices of local resellers.”

While larger providers have larger budgets and greater resources at their disposal, their larger geographic focus often precludes them from being able to provide the level of attentiveness, personalized service, and customization the local businesses require.  In fact, local providers’ ability to deliver a high-quality solution that caters to unique user needs often gives them an edge from a technology perspective.  The challenge is many businesses aren’t even aware these local MSPs and resellers exist because they are drowned out by larger competitors in the marketing scene.  The CVA was created to solve this problem.

Vectors 2019 provided an ideal launching venue, given SkySwitch’s understanding of the challenges resellers and MSPs face.  By supporting the Alliance’s launch at its user conference, SkySwitch not only gives the organization an immediate voice, but puts its initiatives squarely in front of its reseller partners, many of whom can benefit from the CVA’s mission.

“SkySwitch is happy to host the CVA at Vectors 2019 and put the organization, and the supporting service providers, in front of our reseller base to enable the CVA to gain momentum and broader awareness,” said Eric Hernaez (News - Alert), President and Founder of SkySwitch.

Edited by Erik Linask