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AudioCodes Adds Microsoft Operator Connect Integration to Live Cloud
AudioCodes announced the launch of its Microsoft Operator Connect integration, making it easy for customers to simply access and utilize Microsoft Tea…

By: Luke Bellos | 1/10/2022

Ooredoo Powers Portfolio with Fortinet Partnership
Ooredoo announced a partnership with Fortinet, augmenting its Enterprise Edge portfolio with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN. The addition delivers a security-…

By: Maurice Nagle | 1/10/2022

NWN Introduces Hybrid-Focused Communications Suite
Cloud communications service provider NWN recently announced the launch of a new communications suite designed to help employees maintain constant pro…

By: Luke Bellos | 1/10/2022

Kandy Expands Full PSTN Replacement Services to 40 Countries to Modernize Outdated Systems
Recently, Kandy Communications, a global leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications, announced it is now offering full PSTN replacement ser…

By: Matthew Vulpis | 1/6/2022

Intulse Introduces New Video Conferencing Feature, Intulse Meetings
In the twenty-first century, and in the age of COVID-19, videoconferencing has become a necessary core of business. With business travel becoming diff…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 1/5/2022

Altaworx Unveils Microsoft Teams Voice Integration
Business VoIP solution provider Altaworx announced Microsoft Teams Voice Integration, allowing users to make calls without needing a desktop phone.

By: Luke Bellos | 12/30/2021

Winners of TMCnet's Video Conferencing Excellence Award for 2021 Announced
TMC today announced the winners of the 2021 TMCnet Video Conferencing Excellence Award.

By: CustomerZone360 News | 12/29/2021

The Pandemic is Speeding the Drive to Digitization
While many companies were in the midst of digitization projects for their customer support functions as well as remote working before the COVID-19 pan…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 12/29/2021

HomeLoanExperts Transforms Communications Thanks To Dialpad
Cloud-based communications leader Dialpad recently revealed HomeLoanExperts, one of Australia's leading mortgage brokerage firms, recently invested in…

By: Luke Bellos | 12/23/2021

Intulse Unveils Conferencing Solution Intulse Meetings
VoIP solution company Intulse recently announced the launch of Intulse Meetings, a video conferencing integration enabling users to virtually collabor…

By: Luke Bellos | 12/23/2021

Deutsche Telekom Announces New Partnership with SingleWire
SignalWire, a provider of ultra-low latency programmable video and voice communications recently announced its Series B round included participation f…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 12/23/2021

Consolidated Communications Scores 3-Year Partnership Deal with Seacoast United Soccer Club
Improving communications is a goal for many today, especially as the need to keep in touch across digital platforms increases. For Seacoast United Soc…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 12/23/2021

net2phone Announces Strategic Partnership with Avant
Cloud communications provider net2phone recently revealed a new strategic partnership with IT platform and advisory service company, Avant. As part of…

By: Luke Bellos | 12/21/2021

Vodafone, Mavenir, and Wind River and Team Up to Deliver Open RAN Solutions
With cloud technology playing such a critical role today, tech leaders must now turn their focus toward optimizing their investments in the cloud; to …

By: Matthew Vulpis | 12/20/2021

Report Finds Communications and Tech Most Targeted Industries for Cyber Attacks
For years we've heard about the important steps businesses across industries must take to protect their intellectual property, employees and customers…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 12/20/2021

Dialpad and Poly Collaborate To Enhance Remote Conferencing
Cloud communications leader Dialpad recently joined forces with Poly to introduce enhancements to the Dialpad Meetings platform to make virtual collab…

By: Luke Bellos | 12/16/2021

Custom Glass Solutions Invests In 8x8 XCaaS
8x8 recently revealed Custom Glass Solutions turned to the XCaaS platform to offer employees and customers highly secure cloud communications.

By: Luke Bellos | 12/16/2021

Beneman Becomes Official Member of Enreach Business Group
Unified communications company Enreach officially acquired Beneman in May of this year, and recently revealed the company is officially rebranded as a…

By: Luke Bellos | 12/15/2021

Cloopen Enters Agreement to Acquire Zhuge
Chinese cloud communications solutions company, Cloopen Group Holding Limited (Cloopen) recently announced it entered into an agreement to acquire int…

By: Luke Bellos | 12/14/2021

Kandy and Braidio Announce Plans for New Applications Across Multiple Vertical Industries
Technology has revamped how teams work and how business is being operated on a global scale, as our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and cloud technolog…

By: Matthew Vulpis | 12/13/2021