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A New Boost for Emergency Services, Following Partnership Between FocusPoint and Skylo
Crisis management and ERaaS company FocusPoint International and NTN operator Skylo partner to enhance connectivity solutions in emergency scenarios.

By: Alex Passett | 1/5/2023

MetTel Labs Deploys VMware SD-WAN Over Starlink
The conversation about satellite tech and the potential of future communications continues as MetTel announced its choice of SD-WAN services over Spac…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/4/2023

Ericsson and Apple Call Truce
Ericsson and Apple called a truce and reached a multi-year, global patent license agreement.

By: Greg Tavarez | 1/4/2023

Is Telco Sustainability a Thing?
Innovations in telco sustainability will prove quintessential as technologies evolve.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/4/2023

Motorola Buys Rave Mobile Safety
Motorola has acquired software company Rave Mobile Safety in efforts to strengthen mobile communications safety options.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/3/2023

TelcoBridges Builds STIR/SHAKEN Bridge Between IP and Non-IP Networks
TelcoBridges submitted a filing to the FCC's Notice of Inquiry for the implementation of caller-ID authentication on non-IP networks.

By: Greg Tavarez | 1/3/2023

Edgecore Networks Launches 2 New Offerings for its SD-WAN Product Line
As post-pandemic workforces continue to evolve, most offices now reopen to whatever extent they are going to. The net result is a great need to suppor…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/3/2023

SMS Texting Undergoes Transformative 30-year Journey
Infobip's on-air segment on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" shows the audience and consumers at home where texting transforms from its introduction 30 year…

By: Greg Tavarez | 12/28/2022

T-Mobile and Cisco Ramp Up 5G Performance
T-Mobile is teaming up with Cisco to launch a scalable and distributed nationwide cloud native converged core gateway.

By: Greg Tavarez | 12/27/2022

Nextiva Announces Olen Scott as New Head of Channels
With 25 years serving companies like Windstream Communications and SD-WAN provider Aryaka Networks, future-of-work company Nextiva has announced Olen …

By: Alex Passett | 12/27/2022

Viasat and Microsoft Increase Internet Availability Worldwide
A partnership between Viasat and Microsoft's Airband Initiative is expected to deliver internet access to 10 million people worldwide by the end of 20…

By: Greg Tavarez | 12/22/2022

Verizon 5G and NORAD Let Kids Check in with the North Pole on Christmas Eve
2022 marks the 20th year in a row that Verizon and NORAD have provided a Christmas Eve tracker for Santa Claus and a hotline straight to his hard-work…

By: Alex Passett | 12/21/2022

Alianza Navigates Away from Softswitch Era with New Investment
Alianza is committing more than $200 million for additional investments in research and development over the next five years to help service providers…

By: Greg Tavarez | 12/21/2022

Oracle: A Prophecy for CSPs in 2023
CSPs have an opportunity to capitalize on and even drive continued digital transformation. Oracle offers several predictions for where they CSP market…

By: Alex Passett | 12/20/2022

Simplified IT Service Procurement, Management, and Accounting is an Advantage
Advantage Communications Group has turned itself into a full-service technology services management platform helping businesses streamline their IT ma…

By: Erik Linask | 12/20/2022

EnGenius Unveils New Security Gateway
EnGenius says its first security gateway will help provide higher performance and superior uplink and downlink transmissions for its customers

By: Stefania Viscusi | 12/19/2022

Test 5G Cybersecurity in SecurityGen Lab
The 5G Cyber-security Lab enables MNO security teams to study 5G technology and better protect their networks.

By: Greg Tavarez | 12/19/2022

5G Deployment Powers Through Economic Challenges
Service providers are experiencing an uptick in 5G subscriptions, which grew by 110 million just in the third quarter of 2022 alone.

By: Greg Tavarez | 12/15/2022

Global Enterprises Have a Better Option than Managing Direct Routing Manually
With Direct Routing as a Service for Microsoft Teams, global businesses have a better alternative to managing direct routing manually.

By: Matthew Vulpis | 12/15/2022

Pure IP Launches Webex Calling Solution for PSTN Connectivity
Pure IP offers full PSTN replacement services in 47 countries and service coverage in a total of 137 countries.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 12/14/2022