Migration Planning to Cloud-based, UC-enabled Business Communications

“Cloud” migrations are underway. Sales by major and emerging technology vendors are showing consistent increases in year-over-year and in quarterly sequential sales. There are three (3) Sections to this study:

The first section titled “Migrating Business Communications to a Mobile, Multi-modal, ‘Cloud’-based World” includes information useful to CXOs, including some of the “Why” and “What” an organization needs to consider to successfully migrate various business communications and communications-enabled online applications to “cloud” implementations.

The second section of this study is a generic overview of the technologies within evolving Information Technology (IT) frameworks and communications architectures in a global context that are enabling the transition from premise-based technology to cloud-based services. It focuses on Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing, and Unified Communications-enabled (UC-enabled) and collaborative applications.

The third section provides a detailed response from three (3) leading core telephony technology vendors in the marketplace to a 2-part, 24-question vendor survey. Although the authors had some dialog with most vendors, some chose not to respond to the survey in writing. However, thorough information feedback is included, based on responses from:

These vendors made a concerted company-wide effort to respond to our survey. They provided a clear understanding as to how they are addressing this market, their solutions and what makes them unique or better, and the processes involved in migration and integration with existing and new business process applications. Their offerings are a starting point for the journey that all organizations are making or planning to make for their current and future business operations.

We trust you will find this study useful. If you have any questions or comments, please contact either of the co-authors below.

Ed LaBanca, Principal Analyst & Consultant at CollabTel / CXO Reports
Art Rosenberg, Principal at The Unified-View

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