September 1-3, 2009 Los Angeles Convention Center LA, CA
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Project UC, Protect UC: Deploying Low-risk, Secure VoIP & Unified Communications

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  9:30-9:45am

Welcome and overview

Presented by:

Adam Boone
Certes Networks

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Trends in Communications Security: VoIP and Unified Communications

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  9:45-10:45am

- Security trends: effects of the economy, geo-politics, cyber-war

- VoIP, unified communications and security risks: no longer merely theory

- Primary threats and risks: Toll Fraud, Eavesdropping, Vishing and SPIT

Presented by:

Paul Henry
Security Analyst and Consultant
SANS Institute, Forensics & Recovery LLC, Lumension

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Managing the Unified Communications Transformation: Proactive Security Planning

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  10:45-11:30am

- Defining objectives of UC and VoIP deployments

- Security as an enabler of VoIP and UC functionality

- Proactive security planning as part of the VoIP and UC transformation process

Presented by:

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Chief Security Architecture Considerations for VoIP and UC deployments

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  11:30-12:15am

- Case studies

- Security architectures for extended enterprise, remote office applications, distributed call centers

- Access control and authentication

- SIP trunk termination and security

Presented by:

Drew Bloczynski
Senior Director of Technology
Sipera Systems

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Threat Mitigation Strategies: Aligning VoIP and UC Security with Your Information Security Posture

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  1:15-1:45pm

- Data security compared to VoIP security

- Best practices for incorporating VoIP and UC into an overarching security posture

- VoIP and UC in relation to security and confidentiality mandates

- Practical examples of effective VoIP and UC security architectures

Presented by:

Benjamin Huey
Chief Security Officer
Dieko Corporation

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Security Assessments: Overview and Best Practices for Using Self Assessment Tools

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  1:45-2:45pm

- VIPER Lab and Dieko Corp. – demonstration of open source testing tools


Password strength testing

Recommendations and best practices

Presented by:

Teresa Botelho José
Product Marketing Manager
Altitude Software
Arjun Sambamoorthy
Security Research Engineer
VIPER Lab - Sipera Systems

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Wrap-up, final discussion

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  2:45-3:00pm

Presented by:

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"The sessions at ITEXPO were truly fantastic. I attended sessions in many tracks. Each was presented in an unbiased manner, focusing on the details and benefits of implementing these useful new technologies. All in all, this was a very good show, well worth my time and financial investment. "
Peter Martin, Sr. Engineer, Network Services-IP Engineering, IPC

"In the recent IT Expo East 2009, I could feel a strong sense of community. What really impressed me was how open people were in describing their challenges. I very much appreciated all of the practical tips for improving customer service in a call center environment."
Haim Argaman, Owner and Senior Consultant, Crimsonet Technologies

"All sessions I attended at ITEXPO were well-presented, informative and very worthwhile. Presenters were well-versed and able to effectively educate the audience on highly technical subjects using understandable terms and examples."
James Brehm, Director of Business Development, Frost & Sullivan

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