September 1-3, 2009 Los Angeles Convention Center LA, CA
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How to VoIP: Numerous Options, Critical Choices

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  9:00-9:45am

ISPs entering the VoIP services arena face numerous choices in bringing a service offering to market. Among these, one of the most key decisions is in choosing a platform for offering the services. Some carriers have built their service offerings upon in-house systems utilizing various open source and internally developed components. Many ISPs choose to simply resell the services of another provider and merely take a commission of those sales. Other ISPs invest in commercial platforms which are installed on the ISP’s own premises. This session will use real world data to compare the cost vs. benefit and present an ROI for these options.

Presented by:

Irv Shapiro

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SIP Trunking Plus

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  10:00-10:45am

While SIP Trunking is largely perceived as a low-cost replacement technology – exactly the sort of VoIP services that have traditionally sold well – it is also a doorway to a variety of services and applications that have a notable, growing audience. Once a SIP Trunking service provider can focus on individual applications that increase productivity, work better with mobility, improve the existing PBX functions and allow for growth, there is a huge potential for VARs and service providers to generate new, recurring monthly revenue through add-ons that are of great benefit – in both cost and functionality – to the enterprise. Also, what is very important to note is that with integration through the pre-existing SIP Trunk, there is little or no service disruption. Leveraging the powers of creativity, we call these services SIP Trunking Plus. In this session, the speaker will highlight several examples of applications that would be useful to the SMB market, and that SIP Trunking providers could easily add to their menu of products/services

Presented by:

Micah Singer
Managing Director
TeamMate Technology

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Managed Service and Outsourcing: Not a dirty word for Digital Voice Cable

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  11:00-11:45am

Tier-2 cable operators are more and more counting on managed digital voice and video offerings to help them compete with RBOCs. In this session, The panel of speakers will highlight what works – and what doesn’t — based on their collective experience of working with more than 200 operators worldwide. Be sure to attend this session if you are seeking advice on how to compete with a strong managed service offering.

Presented by:

Andy Abramson (Moderator)
Comunicano, Inc.
Richard Tew
VP of Wholesales
Xcast Inc.
Charles Weaver
President & CEO

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Dark Fiber & U.S. Stimulus – How New Fiber Drives Broadband VoIP

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  12:45-1:30pm

Over the next two to five years broadband speeds and penetration will increase giving VoIP service providers and equipment vendors more opportunities than ever before. This session will connect the dots between the Broadband Stimulus, fiber deployment and the VoIP applications that will grow from it. The moderator will give an overview of the current status of the ARRA BTOP. The panel will discuss the benefits of wide-scale broadband deployment and how that will positively impact the VoIP industry.

Presented by:

Hunter Newby
Allied Fiber

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Fiber & Wireless Backhaul – Two Technologies That Actually Feed Each Other

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  1:45-2:30pm

Since the invention and commercialization of both fiber and wireless transport there has been a perception of competition between the two. Vendors positioned their products and services as a “one, or the other” choice. Very recently it has become very apparent to the mainstream buyer that fiber and wireless actually complement each other. There is probably no better example of this than with 4G wireless deployment and backhaul needs of wireless data from cell towers. This session will provide an overview of the current state of wireless backhaul over fiber, the benefits, where it is and is not happening, and why.

Presented by:

Hunter Newby
Allied Fiber
John R. Savageau
Chief Technology Officer
Pacific-Tier Communications
Eric Bender
Wilshire Connection LLC

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IP Communications Continues to Evolve

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  2:45-3:30pm

VoIP Peering for enterprises and consumers is the latest move in transitioning users from the high cost structure of TDM Networks to lower cost IP networks. Additionally, VoIP Peering changes the prcing paradigm where “free” calling becomes a reality. This discussion is intended to provide a VAR, IT Manager or Telecom Manager with enough information to explore how adding VoIP Peering to the use of SIP Trunking will improve their call quality, enable end-to-end unified communications applications, expand IP media support to video and decrease their telecom cost dramatically.

Presented by:

David Byrd
VP Marketing and Sales

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Effective IP Peering Strategies

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  3:45-4:30pm

The reality of IP Peering is that there are so many peering points, backbone providers and content networks to connect to, how can you efficiently build a global IP network that can effectively deliver the content to the right target audience? The short answer is it takes a long time, a lot of relationships and the right knowledge. This session will feature several industry experts who will illustrate several strategies and offer their insight intohow best to take advantage of this constantly evolving technology.

Presented by:

Lindsay Kintner
Vice President of Engineering and Field Support
David Schwartz
Chief Technology Officer
Sylvie Laperrière
Director, Peering & Commercial Operations
Tata Communications
Doug Mohney (Moderator)
The HD Connect Project

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Cloud Computing: What’s In It For Me?

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  8:30-9:15am

The cloud computing phenomenon is happening — it’s a reality and can provide more flexibility for a company’s Web hosting — faster, easier and at a lower cost. Companies do not need to own their own server hardware anymore. The ease of scaling up when the need arises, the speed which new Web applications can be designed, prototyped, tested, and deployed and the cost savings are truly attractive. As the cloud continues to gain acceptance developers and designers need to understand the advantages and how to determine what application to use to fit their needs.

In this session, the speakers will discuss:
• What cloud computing is
• Competitive benefits of cloud computing
• Cost Savings of cloud computing – pay only for what you need; and more.

Presented by:

Val Babajov
Partners 1993
John R. Savageau
Chief Technology Officer
Pacific-Tier Communications

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Exploring Applications in the Cloud

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  9:30-10:15am

Today the industry is buzzing about cloud computing and pushing applications out into the network cloud. Google has brought out their AppEngine platform while Amazon offers their EC2 and S3 services and Microsoft and others prepare their own offerings. In this session, attendees will learn about what is involved with developing voice applications on cloud computing platforms. What options are out there? What do you need to look for in a platform? How can you get started? The session will include demonstrations and offer insight and real world examples of how cloud-based solutions are impacting the market today, challenges and opportunities, as well as what the future holds.

Presented by:

David H. Yedwab (Moderator)
Market Strategy & Analytics Partners
Charles Studt
Vice President of Product Management and Development
Praful Shah
Senior Vice President of Strategy
Dan York
Director of Conversations
Voxeo Corporation
Irv Shapiro

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Maximize Your Investment with a Network Management Strategy

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  10:30-11:15am

Companies across the globe are facing a perfect storm of information explosion — from VoIP to IPTV to secure content, and management fragmentation. This has put tremendous stress on IT departments and their ability to ensure delivery of key information, business and infrastructure services. What’s necessary is the ability to tie this information together — across what are disjointed domains — making it possible to manage the information delivery chain in an automated fashion. Companies need to have end-to-end service visibility and control across all silos, whether they be physical assets, virtual assets or mixed. Furthermore, the convergence of voice and data networks combined with growing overall traffic volume, increased numbers of discrete applications and a broadening array of systems and servers is presenting formidable challenges to the integrated network operations staff tasked with assuring voice and data service quality. This presentation will outline best practices for network operations managers and other staff managing voice and data service performance to integrate these three elements for cost-effective, simplified and proactive management.

Presented by:

Soufiane Houri
VP of Product
Sanjay Kapoor
Director Product Line Management
Juniper Networks

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Leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to Maximize Network Efficiency

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  11:30-12:15pm

Many broadband service providers are beginning the process of embedding technology within their networks capable of treating each session flow — OTT video, VOIP, gaming, etc. — with the service quality it is engineered to expect. This puts content distribution networks (CDNs) in the position to deliver, for the first time, guaranteed quality of service. One key trend is the role for mobile CDNs. Current mobile networks have limited data throughput, less than a typical DSL connection. Simultaneously, devices such as the iPhone, G1, and others are encouraging dramatic increases in mobile data usage (both downstream and upstream). With these improved handsets, the network throughput has become the bottleneck in delivering high quality video. A variety of solutions to these challenges are being developed today, however, there’s room for significant debate on which solutions are best.

Presented by:

Peter Radizeski (Moderator)
RJ Auburn
Voxeo Corporation
Trevor Dyck
Director of Product Management
Zeugma Systems
Anton Kapela
Director of Special Projects
Voxel dot Net

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Network Planning to Ensure Quality of Experience

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  1:15-2:00pm

Carriers are struggling to roll out new services as fast as possible without sacrificing Quality of Experience (QoE) for users. This task is especially difficult for IP-based services, which are more sensitive and prone to adverse network effects. Telecom operators will need to revise their operating models as they implement Next Generation Network upgrades. Provisioning, delivery, monitoring, maintenance, performance analysis, billing, management will become even more complicated as they attempt to deliver next-generation services. This session will explore the importance of proper network planning to smoothly introduce new products and services at optimal cost. It will also illustrate how integrating business planning, marketing and engineering enables carriers to build a network that handles service demand fluctuations in near real-time, giving customers the quality of service they expect.

Presented by:

Carolyn Schuk
Editor, Blogger
Broadcast Engineering, VoIP Princess Blog
Joel Maloff
Principal Consultant
Maloff NetResults
Darryl Brown
Director of Network Technologies
Eric Wegner
Business Development Manager

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Intro to Local Number Portability: What VoIP Providers Need to Know

Thursday - 09/03/09,  8:30-9:15am

This presentation will be a tutorial on Local Number Portability (LNP). It will explain in detail how LNP works and why it can save VoIP operators money and improve their service. The presentation will focus on providing practical details on how VoIP operators can implement LNP using freely available software.

Presented by:

Jim Dalton
Chief Executive Officer
TransNexus, Inc.

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Assuring Network Performance for High-Quality Video

Thursday - 09/03/09,  9:30-10:15am

While much of the discussion around IP video is about content acquisition and delivery, quality assurance is the key to customer retention. As video traverses the IP network, ensuring correct timing, signaling and synchronization, as well as the ability to identify and remedy impairments is unglamorous, but crucial to successful IP video service offerings. The launch of any successful video service depends on the service providers’ readiness in the lab, and their capacity to act swiftly to acknowledge and address issues in the field. This session will discuss the various approaches to monitoring video streams, and how these approaches directly impact the residential and enterprise focused video services from a quality, and price, perspective.

Presented by:

Dave Schneider
Sr. Technical Marketing Analyst
Tom DiMicelli
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Infrastructure Products Group
Juniper Networks

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Using IMS to Deliver Services Across 3 Screens

Thursday - 09/03/09,  10:30-11:15am

With more and more service providers looking to deliver IP-based voice, data and video services to subscribers’ TVs, PCs, and mobile devices, the NGN/IMS architecture – which defines and standardizes network architectures to enable voice, data, and IP video service interoperability across networks – will play a critical role in handling video session initiation. IMS is also critical to maintain subscriber and session awareness when users switch from their TV to their mobile device and pause that stream to quickly make a voice call. Coupled with service delivery platforms (SDPs), which is where such blended services are created, the IMS architecture ensures these IP video services are delivered to the right subscriber and the right device.

This session will explore:
• How long it will take to achieve the converged NGN/IMS network down to the third screen on the mobile phone
• The role of the NGN/IMS architecture in delivering IP video across converged networks
• How SDPs deployed for IP video services will evolve to support the integration of mobile devices

Presented by:

Manuel Vexler
Chief Marketing Officer IMS/NGN
Huawei Technologies
Michael Khalilian (Moderator)
Chairman and President
Michael Loftus


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Deploying IPTV

Thursday - 09/03/09,  1:00-1:45pm

Telcos face countless challenges today. These include increasing competition from cable operators, decreased revenue from voice, issues with customer churn, as well as cautious capital outlays after the bursting of the bubble. But if IPTV is to be a silver bullet, technology performance needs to live up to its expectations. This session will provide service providers with the knowledge and tools to implement lower-cost IPTV architectures, including practical ways to implement a broadcast optical IPTV backbone that offers a high QoS and meets all other triple-play requirements. Topics to be covered in detail during this presentation include:
• Triple play network migration;
• IPTV service requirements;
• Broadcast vs. multicast IP video; and more.

Presented by:

Paula Bernier (Moderator)
Executive Editor
Jim Nevelle
Sorrento Networks
Joe Marcella
City of Las Vegas
Rahul Vir
Sr. Product Manager
Brocade Communications

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Fused Vs. Bundled – The Next Evolution of Operator Services

Thursday - 09/03/09,  2:00-2:45pm

As demand for bandwidth and mobility continues to grow, traditional telecommunications markets need to evolve to meet market changes. Service providers’ bundled services, a combination of voice, video and data, were the first step in giving consumers a converged network. Today, customers are looking for a way to make their daily lives easier using less electronics equipment, and service providers are looking to provide services that increase ARPU. To meet that need at home and at work, service providers are evolving their networks to support new services for entertainment and managing communications that are always-on, content-rich, and offer integrated use of voice, video and data that can be delivered to any end-user device.

Presented by:

Ari Rabban
Carolyn Schuk
Editor, Blogger
Broadcast Engineering, VoIP Princess Blog
Jeff Walker
Vice President of Marketing
Cedar Point Communications
Michael Loftus


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Peter Martin, Sr. Engineer, Network Services-IP Engineering, IPC

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Haim Argaman, Owner and Senior Consultant, Crimsonet Technologies

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