September 1-3, 2009 Los Angeles Convention Center LA, CA
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Where to From Here: A Look at the Current Adminstration's Communications Related Policies

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  8:30-9:15am

This session will examine the Obama’s administration’s policies with regard to Internet applications, broadband and other related issues. Where does this administration fall with regard to the following issues: competition, network neutrality, universal service, and more? What impact will the Obama team’s policies have on the nation’s infrastructure? Come to this session to garner an understanding of the issues at work and where we — as an industry —can expect to move next.

Presented by:

Ronald Del Sesto
Bingham McCutchen LLP

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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: What it Means for Telecom

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  9:30-10:15am

For the telecom industry, as well as other sectors of the economy, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 presents the opportunity for obtaining billions of dollars of grants and loans and delivering jobs and hope to the economy. For the telecom industry, $7.2 billion in grants, loans, and loan guarantees are targeted for broadband projects in the coming months. What does this mean for our industry? How have the funds been appropriated to date? What trends are developing in the wake of this landmark legislation? Come to this session to find out what our collective national investment has meant to the telecom industry.

Presented by:

Barlow Keener (Moderator)
Keener Law Group

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The Stimulus and Vertical Markets

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  10:30-11:15am

Much has been made of the stimulus package and its impact to the telecom industry. In this session, the speaker will address what the billions of dollars of Federal spending might mean to a number of key verticals including healthcare, education and the public sector. How will the government’s involvement help spur investment in new and exciting technologies? What will be the net effect on enterprise employees, consumers, and operators as stimulus money starts to flow? Come to this session and find out.

Presented by:

Bob Preston
VP Industry Solutions & Chief Collaboration Officer

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E-911: The State of Emergency Services for VoIP (Dash, Vixxi)

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  11:30-12:15pm

Public safety agencies were encouraged to apply for $7.2 billion that Congress appropriated for broadband projects in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, as leaders hailed the growing awareness in Washington circles of the importance of enhanced “E911” and other emergency services in the greater homeland security framework. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration must consider when evaluating applications for the $4.7 billion it is charged with distributing. The projects that propose to “test bed” new technologies or applications also may get a positive response from NTIA. The Rural Utilities Service in the Department of Agriculture will distribute the remaining $2.5 billion for broadband projects. While the ARRA allows both state and local entities to apply for grants, there’s a lot of debate about the role of the states, about how active they will be.

The speakers will address the Future State of E911 for VoIP. Specifically, they will analyze and recommend technical options to enable accurate and reliable dynamic E911 location identification for interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services

Presented by:

Justin Nelson
Dash Carrier Services
Thera Bradshaw
E911 Institute Board Member, CEO
TKC Consulting

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Real World Compliance Strategies for Dealing with Byzantine Laws

Wednesday - 09/02/09,  1:15-2:00pm

Real World Compliance Strategies for Dealing with Byzantine Laws (David Snead) In this session you will learn strategies for addressing laws attempting to regulate SPAM, privacy, use of intellectual property, and terrorism. Specific laws covered will include: CAN-SPAM, and various state initiatives, FTC regulation of privacy, DMCA and other methods used by copyright owners, and the USA Patriot Act.

This session will be based on actual case studies in which an innovative web hosting company and their attorney developed operational procedures to deal with these issues using current resources.

Participants will learn how to maximize the use of internal resources and leverage critical legal strategies to develop cost effective solutions to problems that present a high risk of liability and high cost to outsource. Participants will leave with ideas that they can implement immediately to address each of these issues.

Presented by:

David Snead
David Snead

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"The sessions at ITEXPO were truly fantastic. I attended sessions in many tracks. Each was presented in an unbiased manner, focusing on the details and benefits of implementing these useful new technologies. All in all, this was a very good show, well worth my time and financial investment. "
Peter Martin, Sr. Engineer, Network Services-IP Engineering, IPC

"In the recent IT Expo East 2009, I could feel a strong sense of community. What really impressed me was how open people were in describing their challenges. I very much appreciated all of the practical tips for improving customer service in a call center environment."
Haim Argaman, Owner and Senior Consultant, Crimsonet Technologies

"All sessions I attended at ITEXPO were well-presented, informative and very worthwhile. Presenters were well-versed and able to effectively educate the audience on highly technical subjects using understandable terms and examples."
James Brehm, Director of Business Development, Frost & Sullivan

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