September 1-3, 2009 Los Angeles Convention Center LA, CA
Conference in Progress
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TMC University

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TMC University - Microsoft OCS

TMC University - Network Security

Congratulations to All Recent TMC University Graduates!

Each has completed a full-day training course, including a rigorous exam, receiving Independent Certification in these critical subject areas.

ITEXPO East 2009 Graduates:


  • Marshall Berg
  • Chheng Lun
  • John Weiffenbach

Network Security:

  • Justin Andrews
  • Susan Duoblys
  • Ana Jose Morales
  • Ayelet Shenderov
  • John Weiffenbach

Microsoft OCS:

  • John B. Contreras
  • Susan Duoblys
  • Les Goldman
  • Jose A. Gonzalez
  • Gary Hoglund
  • Neil Hyndman
  • Guy Mackinnon
  • Wolfgang Neumann
  • Louis Perez
  • Peter Roos
  • Paul Roth
  • Arnold Sadowsky
  • Ayelet Shenderov

ITEXPO West 2008 Graduates:

Microsoft OCS:

  • Richard French
  • Michael Araba
  • Edward Laughto
  • Andrei Nappau
  • John Sirney
  • Paul Fullman
  • Neil Fahlman
  • Rick Todd
  • O’Neal Campbell
  • Anna D’Cunha
  • Joe Hernandez
  • Brendo Buenaluz
  • Justin Simkaritz
  • Paul Leatherman
  • Don Black
  • Ravin Suri
  • Vincent Blain

Next Generation Contact Center Management:

  • Danielle Kithcart
  • Hugo Vasquez
  • Patrick Blanco

Open Source:

  • Rick Zandrelli
  • Arye Hadida
  • Mark McAllister
  • Robby Aumen
  • Desmond Harris


  • Andrei Napau
  • Jeanette Schmitz
  • Edward Laughton
  • John Sirney
  • Shawn Hopson
  • Justin Miller
  • Johnny Hong
  • Perumal Radakichenan
  • Anna D'Cunka
  • Rory Herriman
  • Brad Singleton

SIP in the Contact Center:

  • Danielle Kithcart
  • Jeanette Schmitz
  • Hugo Vasquez
  • Patrick Blanco
  • Keith Barnes
  • Steven Burns
  • Juan Pablo Pazos
  • Sohail Lalani
  • Michael Wright
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"The sessions at ITEXPO were truly fantastic. I attended sessions in many tracks. Each was presented in an unbiased manner, focusing on the details and benefits of implementing these useful new technologies. All in all, this was a very good show, well worth my time and financial investment. "
Peter Martin, Sr. Engineer, Network Services-IP Engineering, IPC

"In the recent IT Expo East 2009, I could feel a strong sense of community. What really impressed me was how open people were in describing their challenges. I very much appreciated all of the practical tips for improving customer service in a call center environment."
Haim Argaman, Owner and Senior Consultant, Crimsonet Technologies

"All sessions I attended at ITEXPO were well-presented, informative and very worthwhile. Presenters were well-versed and able to effectively educate the audience on highly technical subjects using understandable terms and examples."
James Brehm, Director of Business Development, Frost & Sullivan

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