ITEXPO West 2010 - Communications Conference

October 4-6, 2010 Los Angeles Convention Center, CA



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Because we want you to succeed

Below are a few helpful important “pre-show” checklist questions you should ask yourself to ensure that you have a successful exhibit and get the most out of your tradeshow experience.  Remember, 86% of trade show visitors have buying influence.

● Do your booth graphics grab attention quickly?
● Do your graphics communicate in a few seconds what type of product or service you offer?
● Do your graphics give the attendees a good reason to stop by and examine
   your products or services?
● Do your booth design and graphics communicate a benefit for any attendee   
   to stop by your booth?
● Have you advertised in the leading industry publications inviting your readers
   to visit your booth?  Did you offer them a FREE VIP pass to attend?
● Have you called all of your top 100 customers and invited them to attend the show
   and visit your booth with complimentary VIP Passes as your guest?
● Does your company have name recognition?  For example would the
   attendee know what you sell by simply seeing your company’s name
   (i.e., Coca cola sells soft drinks; McDonald’s sells hamburgers, etc)?
● Have you taken the right people, who are well trained in exhibit marketing
   to the show with you?  Remember, this is vitally important
● Have you sent several mailings to your database, each time giving them a
   new, important reason why they must visit your booth?
● Are you visible everywhere as a company?
● Do you regularly get your message across through your advertising?
● Did you come up with a major new attraction or “attention-grabbing idea”
   in your booth to make you STAND ABOVE THE CROWD?
● Do you sponsor events at the show to draw all delegates’ attention to your booth?
● Does your booth staff have proper “boothsmanship”?  Are they sitting
   around talking among themselves, reading newspapers, eating,
   drinking or talking on a cell phone instead of aggressively seeking out
   customers from the aisles 100 percent of the time?
● Last, but not least, is there anything in (or about) your booth that would
   encourage a potential customer to come to your booth instead of
   (or in addition to) your competitors?

If your answer is positive to most or all of the above questions (and we certainly hope it is), chances are, you will have a very successful trade show.  If it is not, you should rethink some of the above items to get the most out of the show. 

Attention Award Winners

If you have won any of the TMC awards, now is the time to display them!  Displaying your award prominently differentiates you from the competition.  It sets you apart and says that you are a premiere provider.  People like to buy from award winners and what better way to show that you are a leader than to display your TMC awards.  Below are some suggestions on where to display your awards.

● Trade show displays
● In all integrated marketing programs including: Online, Magazine print ads
   and Tradeshow Sponsorship
● Business cards
● Incentives & gifts such as: Pens, Mugs, Clocks, Key chains, Tote bags
● Direct mail flyers & brochures

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