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Effective January 1, 2009

The following outlines the policies and procedures of the Los Angeles Convention Center
(LACC) regarding the installation, adjustment, and dismantle of booth and/or stage
lighting projects and stage productions. The following also outlines areas of jurisdiction,
mandatory involvement, and minimum requirements.


All lighting truss, associated equipment, and display pieces that are suspended in
the LACC must be designed and engineered by a licensed structural engineer
using approved design criteria for suspending over the public in a Seismic Zone 4
as specified in the Uniform Building Code (UBC). When designing the project all
truss, associated equipment, and display pieces must be used as specified by said
structural engineer. All components of the electrical system must be U.L. or City of
Los Angeles Test Lab approved and in good, safe working condition.


The primary rigging contractor for the show/event must be used for all rigging and
attachments to the building. The rigging contractor is responsible for assuring the
safety and mechanical/structural integrity of the entire truss system, related
equipment, and associated rigging. A rigging plot (drawing) must be provided to
the rigging contractor that states the maximum weight or tension load, in pounds, at
each hang point. If the project is for a stage production then a copy of the rigging
plot is to be sent to the LACC Building Superintendent for review and approval.
Only the rigging contractor is allowed to raise and lower suspended projects and
truss systems. Once the rigging contractor has suspended the lighting, truss,
equipment, or display pieces, no changes may be made to the weight distribution
without the approval of the rigging contractor (i.e., adding or moving equipment).
The rigging contractor shall have on site, and be prepared to install, weight
measuring devices (Dyno’s) where requested by the Building Superintendent.

The LACC electrical staff can assist in rigging and truss assembly; however, this is
not a mandatory requirement. The LACC has on site, boom lifts (JLG’s) and
scissor lifts reaching heights of up to 60 ft. The rigging contractor may use LACC
lift with an operator or may choose to bring in their own lift. Hourly rates for LACC
lifts are listed on the attached rate sheet. Contractor’s lift can be used only for
rigging and not for light installation or focus.


The LACC Electrical Services Section is the exclusive electrical contractor for all
electrical work at the LACC. The LACC electricians must be used to mount lighting
instruments, cabling and related devices, or to focus, move, or adjust instruments
and/or devices on all projects of this nature. The lighting contractor’s electricians
may work with LACC staff as a combined work force under the following

A) Lighting contractors and their associated personnel must be licensed and
bonded to work at the LACC.

B) There must be a minimum of one (1) LACC electrician for every one (1) of the
contractor’s staff that is working on the electrical/lighting system.

C) If the project consists of multiple locations, LACC staff and contractor’s staff
shall be paired together so there is a minimum one to one ratio, as explained
above, in each location.

D) When the project requires any type of work to be done in secured areas of the
building such as catwalks, mechanical rooms, etc., only LACC staff shall be
used to accomplish the related work. This includes running control and/or
audio cabling, video cabling, etc. For dimmer patch, adjustment, or repair,
contractor’s electrician can go up on the catwalk; however, he/she must be
accompanied by a LACC electrician for the duration of their time on the
catwalk. NOTE: As related to Item 3 above, catwalks and mechanical rooms
are considered separate locations from the exhibit floor(s) and therefore must
be staffed separate from the exhibit floor crew.

E) Excluding hang points and lighting truss, all fixtures, devices, equipment and
cabling including A/V equipment that are attached to the facilities structure or
mechanical systems within shall be accomplished solely by LACC staff. If
lighting contractor requests to mount fixtures on such systems (i.e. catwalk
rails, unistrut channel, light rings, etc.) the Building Superintendent shall
review the details of the proposed project and then determine if the request
can be granted. Fixtures that are allowed to be installed onto the building
systems will be subject to a “cost per fixture” charge (does not apply to large
stage productions).

Dimming board operators and follow spot operators can consist of LACC staff, or
contractor’s staff, or both.

Focusing, adjustments, and re-sets are accomplished with the minimum one to one
ratio of LACC staff and contractor’s staff as stated above. One (1) of the
contractor’s staff will be allowed on LACC lift equipment to assist with focusing, etc.
Contractors will not be permitted to bring in lift equipment for non-rigging needs.

Hooking up equipment to a LACC service (house power) shall be accomplished
only by LACC staff.


All scheduling must be done at least one week prior to the first day of the project.
The minimum labor call is four (4) hours. Lunch is ½ hour and is from 12:00 noon
to 12:30 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made. There is one 15 minute
break in each four hour period. Once labor call is known, contractor is to submit a
written schedule and payment on (or with) the attached LACC Electrical Labor
Request form.


All contractors shall use industry approved equipment and devices that are
intended for, and rated for, their actual use on site. All contractor personnel shall
follow general safety rules and work in a safe manner.

The project coordinator is responsible for creating and executing a safe installation
and dismantle process which includes the use of proper safety gear and equipment
and adequate staffing. The level of staffing must be such that all material and/or
equipment that must be lifted, carried, or maneuvered can be done so SAFELY.
The LACC staff has been instructed to not engage in any activity that is considered



Effective January 1, 2009

The following policy pertains to the installation of exhibitor/contractor owned lighting and
related equipment to the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) building structure or
mechanical systems. Building structure and mechanical systems include: catwalks, railing,
unistrut channel, light rings, and structural steel. The phrase "building attachment(s)" shall
be used throughout this policy to refer to said building structure and mechanical systems.

Exhibitors requesting non-dimmable 1000 watt PAR-64 instruments to be placed on LACC
building attachments must rent said fixtures from LACC. The following policy applies to
fixtures other than PAR-64 or when PAR-64 fixtures must be dimmed.

This policy does not apply to the installation of lighting equipment that is mounted to
a lighting truss system that is suspended or attached to designated hang points in
the facility, or for general house (audience) lighting used on large stage productions.

1. Exhibitor/contractor must submit equipment specifications and the overall scope of
the proposed project to the Building Superintendent for review and ultimate approval
prior to installation. Specifications must include the dimensions, weight, and means
of attachment of the respective lighting fixtures. Total number of fixtures must be
included in the scope of the project. Exhibitor/contractor may be required to provide
a sample of the proposed fixture(s).

2. Lighting instruments and all related equipment must meet all applicable codes (i.e.,
U.L. Listed, etc.) and be in good safe working condition.

3. The installation of lighting fixtures and related equipment to LACC building
attachments shall be accomplished solely by LACC Electrical staff.

4. The cost associated with installing fixtures to LACC building attachments is based
on a charge per fixture. The cost for fixtures with an electrical rating of 2 KW or less
is $160.00 per fixture plus labor. (Orders received before the discount cut-off date
will be charged $128.00 per fixture + labor) fixtures that exceed an electrical rating
of 2 KW will be subject to an additional cost.

The $160.00 cost per fixture includes power and the use of the building attachment.
Labor for installation, focus, repair, and dismantle is in addition to the
aforementioned cost.


Effective January 1, 2009

The following are standard, discounted, and on-site rates for general types of electrical service. For most events the discount rate applies when Service Orders and payment are received by the Los Angeles Convention Center 21 days prior to the first show day. All Service Orders received on or after the first move in day are subject to the on-site rate. For rates on electrical service not shown below, please contact Electrical Services at (213) 741-1151, Extension 5613.






20 Amp, 120V outlet (2000 watt)

$ 192.00

$ 240.00

$ 264.00

30 Amp, 208V, 1 Ø

$ 504.00

$ 630.00

$ 693.00

30 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 552.00

$ 690.00

$ 759.00

60 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 836.00

$ 1,045.00

$ 1,150.00

100 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 1,200.00

$ 1,500.00

$ 1,650.00

150 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 1,800.00

$ 2,250.00

$ 2,475.00

200 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 2,200.00

$ 2,750.00

$ 3,025 00

300 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 3,272.00

$ 4,090.00

$ 4,500.00

400 Amp, 208V, 3 Ø

$ 4,320.00

$ 5,400.00

$ 5,940.00

Hoist Power (Up to 60A, 208V, 3 Ø)

$ 120.00

$ 150.00

$ 165.00



Straight Time

$ 70.00/hr

Scissor Lift (up to 21’) w/Electrician

Straight Time

$ 200.00/hr

Boom Lift (JLG) w/Electrician

Straight Time

$ 250.00/hr



$ 140.00/hr

Scissor Lift (up to 21’) w/Electrician


$ 270.00/hr

Boom Lift (JLG) w/Electrician


$ 320.00/hr


Night Rate

$ 210.00/hr

Scissor Lift (up to 21’) w/Electrician

Night Rate

$ 395.00/hr

Boom Lift (JLG) w/Electrician

Night Rate

$ 445.00/hr

Straight Time (ST) hours are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Overtime (OT) hours are 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. (Monday through Friday), and 6:00 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. on weekends and holidays. Night Rate (NR) hours are 10:30 P.M. to 6:00 A.M., 7 days a week. Labor is to be ordered at least 20 days prior to first move-in day.

Please contact Electrical Services at (213) 741-1151, Extension 5613 for further information.

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