ITEXPO West 2010 - Communications Conference

October 4-6, 2010 Los Angeles Convention Center, CA



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Virtualizing Communications

- 10/06/10,  8:30-9:15am

The traditional argument against the adoption of IP-based voice solutions has been quality of service. While latency is acceptable with data applications, degraded voice communication is not an option in business environments. IP communications, however, has moved beyond the challenges of voice quality, and now, the latest technologies are enabling the convergence of voice and data in virtualized environments, extending the benefits of virtualization beyond data applications to all communications-related services. This session will discuss the current opportunities and future trends allowing the virtualization of voice applications.

Presented by:

Kathy Heilmann
Director of Solutions Marketing for Unified Communications and Collaboration
Siemens Enterprise
Dave Michels (Moderator)
Lead Analyst
Marc Fribush
Aretta Communications, Inc.
Malcolm Concannon
Director of Systems Engineering

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Virtualization Strategies – One Size Does Not Fit All

- 10/06/10,  9:30-10:15am

All businesses compete based on a few of very simple concepts: the types of products they offer, the quality of their products, and how well they serve their customers. In order to create the competitive advantage they need to be successful, no two businesses operate exactly in the same way. Each strives to do something different in order to convince customers they offer the best solution.

As businesses seek to grow or gain their competitive edge, they naturally seek to leverage the latest technologies – often in an effort to simply reduce costs in the face of budget reductions. All too often, however, they make technology purchasing and implementation decisions based on the wrong factors, opting for cheaper options instead of more appropriate tailored solutions.

Virtualization is a growing trend, and one which can easily save a business bundles in capital and operating costs – but is it the right strategy for every business? This session will address that very issue, uncovering the secrets to successful virtualization strategies, including effective implementation scenarios and those that might be best served by alternative options.

Presented by:

Rick Ruskin
VP of Sales
eG Innovations, Inc.
Michael Khalilian (Moderator)
Chairman and President
Ted Wagner
Senior Director
Level 3 Communications
Rob Mainor
PanTerra Networks, Inc.

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Security in a Virtualized Environment

- 10/06/10,  12:45-1:30pm

Security, long a key, yet often undervalued component of technology deployments, is the latest market to feel the impact of the growth of virtualization. In fact, Infonetics Research predicts the virtual security appliance market will eclipse the $1.5 billion mark by 2014.

Driving this trend is not only the continued emergence of new security threats in general, but the popularity of server virtualization and the unique security issues it presents – creating a market demand for security appliances specifically designed for the virtual environment.

This session will consider the specific security challenges posed by virtualization, as well as the range of appliance designed specifically to thwart those security threats, including VPNs/firewalls, SSL VPNs, IDS/IPS, and content security gateways.

Presented by:

Drew Bloczynski
Senior Director of Technology
Sipera Systems
Parker Smith
Director, Business Development and Sales Engineering, Bluesocket Business Group

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Unified Communications and the Virtualized Enterprise: More Functionality, Reduced Spend

- 10/06/10,  1:45-2:30pm

For IT executives implementing unified communications for cost savings, business process improvements, improved operational efficiencies and easier management of systems, an increasingly popular approach is seeking communications solutions in the Cloud.

Unified Communications as a Service is a logical first step in the migration path, having recently emerged as the newest way for IT to maintain service levels and deliver business value while reducing expenses. But, with an ever-increasing array of choices, the path to virtualization with the right blend of service and technology can be daunting, making it imperative that decision makers understand key advantages and disadvantages of the virtual enterprise in order to make an appropriate choice.

This educational session will outline a path to virtualization, starting with UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service as the first step in a logical migration path, showing attendees how they can leverage cloud services and unified communications as a service to decrease their overall IT spend while benefitting from technology that can help them succeed.

Presented by:

Bob Emmerson (Moderator)
Freelance Writer
Electric Words
Dean Manzoori

Frank Grillo
Exec. VP of Implementation, Support & Marketing
Cypress Communications
Rob Mainor
PanTerra Networks, Inc.

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Enterprise WAN Strategies Today

- 10/06/10,  2:45-3:30pm

Enterprise WANs are facing a paradigm shift whereby a convergence of virtualization, cloud computing and collocation have altered traditional WAN architectures. As large enterprises move towards server consolidation and virtualization to save costs, we see more complex applications traversing the WAN than ever before.

WAN virtualization trends point to an emphasis on network visibility, traffic prioritization and bandwidth management, without sacrificing cost effective last-mile reliability and performance.

This session includes an in depth look at WAN virtualization trends and review before and after WAN architectures, discussing factors affecting WAN application performance and a look at how WAN’s are evolving to meet the rapidly changing network demands, while reducing costs and increasing reliability and performance.

Presented by:

Patrick Barnard (Moderator)
Group Managing Editor
Andy Gottlieb
Talari Networks
Mark Urban
Senior Director, Product Marketing, WAN Optimization Solutions
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

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Virtualizing Your Contact Center

- 10/06/10,  3:45-4:30pm

Cloud computing is dramatically reshaping the traditional telecom industry, providing voice and communications solutions that meet today’s mobile and distributed work model at a fraction of the cost of legacy phone systems. The once tried and true PBX and traditional hosted PBX models are being put to the test, as cloud-based services are quickly becoming mainstream and giving traditional carriers a serious run for their money.

In fact, Gartner recently reported that “the cloud-based services market will be worth $150 billion by 2013, with telecommunications carriers unlikely to grab more than about 5 percent unless they acquire existing cloud service providers.” In addition, the rising popularity of new and innovative smartphones is playing a critical role in the changing face of telecom, serving as a driving force behind the evolution to mobile cloud computing.

Will the $7 billion PBX market become obsolete? How can carriers jump on board? What does the future hold for traditional hosted services and VoIP? Will cloud-based telecom continue to gain rapid momentum not only for small businesses, but for the enterprise? How can the enterprise community move past its hesitations to adopt cloud computing models?

This session will address these questions and more, providing an in-depth perspective of the role of telecom carriers in the new age of communications.

Presented by:

Russ Klein (Moderator)
Vice President, Technology Research Group Director
AberdeenGroup, a Harte-Hanks Company
Paul Lang
SVP of Product Management
Jason Hochman
Director - Enterprise and Channel Sales
Brian A. Davidow
Manager, Sales Support

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