ITEXPO West 2010 - Communications Conference

October 4-6, 2010 Los Angeles Convention Center, CA



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Web 2.0: The Future of Web Service Delivery

- 10/04/10,  11:00-11:45am

The evolution from end user to content creator has dramatically changed the nature of the Web – It has moved from simply being a data repository to a dynamic platform that is being defined and redefined by its users. As a result of Web 2.0, many opportunities have emerged for traditional service providers to deploy innovative new services, such as Facebook click-to-conference, video surveillance, and voice enabling

In evaluating the mix of services that will help service providers compete and thrive in a Web 2.0 world, many challenges also arise, such as the need for rapid innovation and deployment, securing a readily available pool of development resources, and figuring out billing issues such as who gets paid and how. This presentation will explore the market trends fueling Web 2.0-based services and look at both the opportunities and challenges that web 2.0 has created for service providers.

Presented by:

Michael Khalilian (Moderator)
Chairman and President
Mike Chapman
Director Product Management, IP Multimedia Platforms
Paul Baron
Vice President, North America for VideoMost
SPIRIT Technologies

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Visibility – the Key to Network Optimization

- 10/04/10,  12:15-1:00pm

As service providers and network operators deliver growing number of increasingly complex and bandwidth-hungry applications and services – with applications, desktops, networks, services, storage and other previously independent elements coming together on high-speed IP-based networks – they need to have a solid and broad level of understanding of service levels, including how services are behaving and how interdependencies impact availability and the user experience.

Because of the complex nature and continued evolution of operator service delivery models, operators need comprehensive, always-on visibility into all traffic, with flexible service and subscriber-level granularity to best assure service delivery and manage the user experience over IP networks. Unified network visibility is the key to optimizing and monetizing network and application services as IT complexity and network traffic continues to grow.

In this session, attendees will learn how vital, yet easy, it is to gain visibility into mission-critical network and application performance, including understanding different strategies for investigating and identifying where and when problems may arise and how IT can avoid service issues proactively.

Presented by:

Paula Bernier (Moderator)
Executive Editor
Alan Clark
Steven Shalita
Vice President, Marketing
NetScout Systems, Inc.
Kirk O'Connor
Product Manager Service Providers
Visual Network Systems

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Is VoIP a Victim of its Own Success? Maintaining Quality in the Wake of VoIP Proliferation

- 10/04/10,  1:15-2:00pm

As VoIP continues to replace the PSTN for organizations worldwide, the sheer volume of VoIP devices and systems has, in and of itself, become an enormous barrier in maintaining a high-level of quality for VoIP systems everywhere. Why? Because every new VoIP system, device or application needs to be tested against existing infrastructure, an inherently labor-intensive process. Given the ever increasing number of endpoint devices and the custom nature of these devices given the extensibility of SIP, the amount of time it takes to do this testing is going to continue to ramp.

How serious is this issue? Today, regression testing for VoIP systems often requires months and months of additional set up and manual code creation in order to simulate every possible service scenario. When creating tests for new features, test groups need to rely on a combination of manually written scripts and static test tools. The constantly evolving nature of the VoIP ecosystem also raises serious questions about security and service uptime.

The bottom line is that today’s testing strategies do not scale to meet the challenges of VoIP deployments. This presentation will evaluate alternative strategies to solving the VoIP testing challenge and how enterprises and network operators can stem the tide of VoIP overload.

Presented by:

Matt Clark (Moderator)
Principal, Valuation Services
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Jim Doherty
Chief Marketing Officer
Certes Networks
Aelea Christofferson
ATL RespOrg Services
Mark Stacy
Touchstone Technologies, Inc.

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The State of VoIP Peering

- 10/04/10,  2:15-3:00pm

VoIP is a fact – it is here, and it is here to stay. That fact is undeniable. To date, the cost savings associated with VoIP have largely been enough to drive adoption. However, the true benefits of VoIP will only be realized through the continued growth of peering, which will keep calls on IP backbones rather than moving them onto the PSTN. Not only will increased peering continue to reduce costs, it will increase voice call quality – HD voice, for instance, can only be delivered on all-IP calls.

Of course, while there are benefits to peering, traditional carriers have traditionally not taken kindly to losing their PSTN traffic, for which they are able to bill by the minute. But, as the adoption of IP communications continues to increase – and of course the debate continues over when we will witness the true obsolescence of the PSTN – carriers will have little choice but to engage in peering relationships.

This session will offer an market update on the status of VoIP peering and its growth, as well as trends and technologies that will drive its growth going forward, including wideband audio and video calling.

Presented by:

Michael Stanford (Moderator)
Michael Stanford LLC
Alex Vishnev
Global Convergence, LLC.
Grant Kirkwood
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Benisz
Vice President - Americas
XConnect Global Networks, Ltd.

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Privacy Issues in Today's Communications Environment

- 10/04/10,  3:15-4:00pm

From privacy issues to Net neutrality and E911, the ongoing debates between Congress, the FCC, service providers, and subscriber rights organizations serves as a constant reminder that communications innovation isn’t simply about deploying new hardware and building apps.

Indeed, considering the sometimes obvious, yet often discreet, impact any potential decision has on the entire community – from network operator to business to end user – it’s clear that each constituency has a major stake in how these issues play themselves out. Join some of the foremost communications industry legal experts for this session to discuss the potential impact of these landmark decisions on the communications industry, including CNPI compliance, E911, and net neutrality.

Presented by:

Ronald Del Sesto
Bingham McCutchen LLP

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The Secrets of Selling SIP Trunking

- 10/05/10,  8:30-9:15am

SIP Trunking is one of the hottest commodities in communications today. Quite naturally, perhaps, people charged with selling SIP Trunking service often come from a traditional telephony background, and need to be brought up to speed on the nuances of SIP Trunking sales.

This session will discuss SIP Trunking from the direct salesperson or agent’s perspective. How do you identify customer prospects that fall into your “sweet spot?” How do you conduct real cost justification rather than vague projections of cost savings? How do you differentiate your services from the competition?

You’ve heard the technical buzzwords – after attending this session, you will also possess the strategic insight and tactics to successfully turn SIP Trunking leads into sales.

Presented by:

Joel Maloff
Principal Consultant
Maloff NetResults/

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Drive Revenue, Increase Profit Margins, Reduce Costs, and Build Your Subscriber Base

- 10/05/10,  9:30-10:15am

If you are a traditional carrier migrating to VoIP, a new or existing next-generation service provider or a potential investor or other entrant into the exciting and constantly evolving industry, this session will not disappoint. Just as IT managers must keep abreast of the latest technologies that will allow their businesses to grow, service providers and network operators are constantly seeking new way to attract new subscribers and retain existing ones, and build new partnerships while extending current ones.

This session will explore operators and service providers can leverage the latest network technologies to develop new revenue streams and build their subscriber bases through a combination of existing infrastructure, new investment, and next generation strategies. The speakers will provide a comprehensive look at market trends and opportunities, driving revenue to the network, building customer loyalty, prudent fiscal management, and potential areas of concern for the next-generation network.

Presented by:

Brian Worthen
Mammoth Networks
Peter Radizeski (Moderator)
Barry Sher
VP Business Development
IVR Technologies, Inc.
David LeClaire


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Moving from Concept to Cash Flow with SaaS-Based Switching & Network Management Services

- 10/05/10,  10:30-11:15am

Communication is exploding, in volume and complexity, forcing wholesale VoIP termination providers, PTTs, voice application providers, and managed service providers to develop strategies to handle the increasing traffic, without losing their competitive edge or severely impacting their bottom lines.

This session will discuss how extensible, SaaS-based cloud computing tools for switching and network management services can help these providers deal efficiently and cost effectively with the increasing demands on the network, and move quickly from concept to cash flow.

Presented by:

Matt Bramson
Chief Strategy Officer
Natalia Korobkova
Chief Marketing Officer
ALOE Systems
Erin Harrison (Moderator)
Executive Editor, Strategic Initiatives

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The SOHO Market: Is it Being Served?

- 10/05/10,  11:30-12:15pm

With so much discussion focused on the SMB market, and the solutions now available to serve it, another market is being left behind: the VSB (Very Small Business), referred to more commonly as the SOHO.

The U.S. alone has more than 600,000 new businesses formed each year, according to the SBA, and more than 24 million in total. Most of these businesses are also referred to as procumers or solopreneurs, and they typically do not have budgets for business phone systems, or even sophisticated hosted services. However, they certainly want and are in need of something more than a second home line or cell phone to effectively run their businesses.

This session will discuss different options for this growing and important market segment, including specific examples and real-world case studies that demonstrate how new and creative applications for virtual office services are enabling VSBs to compete on an even playing field with much larger and better funded organizations.

Presented by:

Ari Rabban
Erin Harrison (Moderator)
Executive Editor, Strategic Initiatives
Martin Sunstrum
Aksys Networks
Praful Shah
Senior Vice President of Strategy

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Consumer market opportunities for mobile VoIP and femtocells

- 10/05/10,  1:15-2:00pm

The future of VoIP is mobile. The ubiquitous mobile phone is a more natural place than the desktop for consumers to unify communications. Femtocells – small base stations extending indoor cellular coverage, connecting to service providers via broadband – can play an important role. Femtocells open opportunities for new services and revenue, reduced capital and operating expenses, and an alternative platform for fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). Via Femtocells, wireless carriers can reach into the home and wired carriers can connect with the 3G network. However, for consumers to broadly adopt femtocells, simplicity and affordability are absolute necessities, along with a consumer-friendly name.

Presented by:

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Meet The New Voice Mail

- 10/06/10,  8:30-9:15am

Despite the growth of social media, and the ubiquitous access to email, voice mail remains one of the most prevalent forms of communications. Every year, more than 40 billion voice mail messages are created in the United States alone.

But don’t think that just because other forms of communication are growing, voice mail is growing stale. Quite the contrary – voice mail is about to undergoing a transformation that will forever change the way we use and think about how we create, access and think about voice messages.

This session will discuss market research around user sentiment towards voice mail (hint: most say they like voice mail, but are looking for more convenient ways to access and manipulate messages). Speakers will also explore technology trends that are making new user voice mail experiences possible, including the benefits and drawbacks of each, and how they will impact service provider business models.

Presented by:

Matt Clark (Moderator)
Principal, Valuation Services
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Alex Quilici
Felix Gofman
Vice President Sales & Business Development
Jamie Siminoff

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The Importance of Bundling: Creating Stickiness

- 10/06/10,  9:30-10:15am

As the market for subscriber loyalty continues to become increasingly more competitive, service providers must seek new ways to secure their subscribers’ loyalty. For some, that means touting the advantages their networks offer – FTTH or 4G, for instance – or available devices, like the iPhone. But, those advantages tend to lose their appeal quickly as other competitors introduce their own offers, which means operators need to develop alternative strategies to retain and win customers.

Largely, that means creating bundled service offerings with multiple sticky and revenue generating services. When customers are tied to a single provider, they are less likely to defect to competitors, particularly when they are receiving valuable services and convenient billing from a single provider. In fact, recent research suggests that value-added service revenues increased by 30 percent last year, indicating the providers are recognizing the value of layering services on top of their primary service offerings.

Join this session to understand not only why you can’t afford to look at your operation as merely a pipe, but a valuable resource for delivering valuable services, why service bundles should be a prime target for your business, and how to create the most effective packages and introduce them to your customers to create brand loyalty while growing new revenue streams.

Presented by:

Ken Bisnoff

Peter Radizeski (Moderator)
David Byrd
VP Marketing and Sales
Jason Walker
Product Manager

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Putting the Quality Back into Voice

- 10/06/10,  12:45-1:30pm

This session will discuss the growth of converged voice solutions, the converged solutions available today for partners to sell, and tradeoffs with current “best effort” voice. The presentation will introduce how different network technologies impact voice quality, security, and reliability, and ideal deployment opportunities for each.

Presenters will also consider how the latest trends in communications, such as HD voice, cloud communications, and more, will impact voice quality. By the end of the sessions, attendees will know how to put Quality Back into Voice and transform their businesses into true converged solution providers.

Presented by:

Toby Farrand
VP of Engineering
Richard Tew
VP of Wholesales
Xcast Inc.
Doug Mohney (Moderator)
The HD Connect Project
James Aleman
Director, Sales Engineering

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“Self-Service” Telecom and Beyond

- 10/06/10,  1:45-2:30pm

Historically, for companies to offer any sort of voice or UC functionality on their Web site or business, they would have had to build their own “service delivery platform” (SDP) to power those capabilities. Adding voice or text or video functionality is not something a company could buy off the shelf. But with the advent of so-called “telcos in the cloud,” which leverage infinitely scalable platforms, the barrier to entry for providing advanced communications and telephony functionality as way to provide a richer, more robust customer experience is quickly disappearing.

This session will discuss the opportunities and challenges that “Self-Service” telecom brings, and how the “Self Service” concept is translating into the unified communications arena.

Presented by:

Art Rosenberg (Moderator)
Principal Analyst
The Unified-View
Chris Berluti
Product Line Manager Access and Applications
Sonus Networks
Ray Adensamer
Senior Manager – Product Marketing
Kent Winter
Vice President of Sales, EMEA-Asia
Apex Voice

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Keeping it Fair: Leveraging Network Policies to Align Increased Revenue with Customer Satisfaction

- 10/06/10,  2:45-3:30pm

We’ve been talking about it for a few years now, but the instant success of the iPad – and reports of similar tablet-based devices from other vendors – only underscore that data traffic is only going to continue to grow, likely faster than predicted. Indeed, as subscribers’ appetites for bandwidth-hungry applications and service intensifies, infrastructural limitations will have an impact the overall consumer experience.

Operators can implement effective, strategic network policies to gain more control over and visibility into their entire networks – acquiring the ability to help mitigate network congestion during peak periods, ensuring customers receive the level of service they expect and pay for. This session will consider ways network operators can leverage provisioning, billing, and policy systems to maximize their monetization of content and drive new business models.

Presented by:

Paula Bernier (Moderator)
Executive Editor
Chris Hoover


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Dark Fiber and Wireless Backhaul Update

- 10/06/10,  3:45-4:30pm

Thanks to the abundance of wireless network traffic due to the rapid adoption of communications and entertainment applications and services in both business and consumer markets, wireless backhaul is getting more attention than ever before. Quite simply, wireless operators are faced with the need to backhaul more traffic more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Already, all four major wireless carriers in the U.S. have committed to increasing their backhaul capacity to account for realized and projected demand.
This increased demand for backhaul capacity is also impacting the dark fiber market, which has already seen increased demand from wholesale carriers, large enterprises, and educational institutions who have seen it as an opportunity to cost effectively buy their own networks in lieu of the more traditional option of leasing lit fiber. .
This session will provide a valuable and insightful overview on the current state of dark fiber and wireless backhaul as well as a view on new developments and a look towards the future, with an understanding that demand for bandwidth is only going to continue to skyrocket.

Presented by:

Paula Bernier (Moderator)
Executive Editor
Hunter Newby
Allied Fiber
Randy Muench
CFN Services
David LeClaire


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