ITEXPO West 2010 - Communications Conference

October 4-6, 2010 Los Angeles Convention Center, CA



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Welcome to the Connected Generation

- 10/05/10,  8:30-9:15am

We are rapidly evolving into a more mobile, always-connected, open Internet society. As we end the first and begin the second decade of the 21st century, we are giving way to a fully connected digital lifestyle – turning yesterday’s “Digital Generation” into today’s “Connected Generation.” As the moniker suggests, this new generation expects to be connected at all times, not only to their colleagues, clients, family, and friends, but also to each of the different devices in their daily lives.

This Connected Generation will share messages, information, images, videos, and more using a growing number of connected devices, from mobile phones to laptops, from digital TVs to storage devices, from e-book readers to portable measurement devices, from storage devices to... yes, even refrigerators.

However, although the U.S. may be leading in mobile internet usage, the world's most advanced mobile Internet market is Japan, where innovation is extending beyond mobile to connected devices of all sorts. The advancements that have taken place in Japan today will show the possibilities for the future in the rest of the world.

This session will discuss the technology and business drivers for the upcoming generation of advanced mobile communications, including a forward-looking glimpse at key innovations that may soon come to a mobile device in your office, and their implications for your business environment.

Presented by:

Erik Linask (Moderator)
Group Editorial Director
Andrew Silver
Tango Networks
Albert Chu
Moff, Inc.

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Practical Considerations for Deployment of a Mobile FMC Client Solution

- 10/05/10,  9:30-10:15am

While there is much hype concerning the deployment and utilization of Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Unified Communications solutions, the points being made are generally those of the vendors who have a practical bias in selling what they have developed. Service providers, on the other hand, try to advance the features of FMC and UC most beneficial to their own needs, which are, of course, revenue driven.

FMC has been touted as the ultimate solution for the enterprise, with little consideration of the impact on processing loads and constraints placed on mobile handsets and enterprise networks and IT departments.

This session will provide the practical aspects of selecting and deploying an FMC solution with an eye on its benefits, also focusing on the how the wrong implementation can create more trouble than good – and how to ensure you steer clear of potential pitfalls.

Presented by:

Richard Watson (Moderator)
Rich Watson Associates
Andrew Silver
Tango Networks
Todd Carothers
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products
Mark Hopper
VP of Product Management & Marketing
Smith Micro

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Roam Free - The Future of Mobile VoIP

- 10/05/10,  10:30-11:15am

The popularity of 3G smartphone devices, along with the emergence of applications and faster connectivity, makes the mobile network an ideal platform for developing applications that incorporate real-time VoIP. However, challenges remain regarding audio quality, network resources, and corporate mindset that are inhibiting widespread delivery and adoption of mobile VoIP.

Until now, mobile VoIP has been little more than an irritation to mobile operators, but now with a plethora of services being offered across many platforms and services, customer demand is starting to win over traditional obstacles, creating more access and even greater demand.

This session will discuss the new set of requirements that emerges when VoIP functionality is implemented on mobile devices and networks, and how optimal voice quality can be achieved. The speakers will also address the state of the mobile VoIP market and what is required for the mobile VoIP market to evolve.

Presented by:

Sanjit Chatterjee
Director -Global Marketing & Strategy
REVE Systems
Doug Mohney (Moderator)
The HD Connect Project
Todd Carothers
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products
Bill Yaman
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
GoAhead Software

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Achieving HD Voice On Smartphones

- 10/05/10,  11:30-12:15am

The communications market has been evolving to fixed high definition voice services for some time now, and nearly every desktop phone manufacturer is including support for G.722 and other codecs now. Why? Because HD voice makes the entire communications experience a much better one than we are used to.

But what does it mean for the wireless industry? When will wireless communications become part of the HD revolution? How will handset vendors, network equipment providers, and service providers have to adapt their current technologies in order to deliver wireless HD voice? How will HD impact service delivery? What are the business models around mobile HD voice?

This session will answer these questions and more, discussing both the technology and business aspects of bringing HD into the mobile space.

Presented by:

Michael Stanford (Moderator)
Michael Stanford LLC
Doug Makishima (Moderator)
D2 Technologies, Inc.
Jim Machi
Vice President, Product Management
Dialogic Corporation
Jan Linden
Senior Product Manager

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The Landline-less Telecommuter

- 10/05/10,  1:15-2:00pm

According to the CDC, the proportion of households with cell phones and no landlines has about doubled between 2006 and 2009. Surprisingly, the recession isn’t causing lower-income cellular users to ditch their land lines any faster than wealthier people. This indicates that economic considerations are not the primary considerations when deciding to drop a household landline.

Likewise, consider the geographically-dispersed workplace of today. It is not uncommon to see employees working in an array of different locations, and whether it’s a traditional or untraditional work space, there is a need for communication and seamless connectivity. While work has moved out of the office, the need to remain connected has not.

The concept of Unified Communications represents many aspects of business communication integrated in a seamless manner. Beyond simplifying communications the sophistication of UC enables business process that can positively affect the bottom line. Users are able to know colleagues physically location and differentiate the best means of communication with the person (i.e. cell phone, email, VOIP, or IM).

This session will address how dwindling landlines among teleworkers is creating demand for other forms of voice communications such as cellular and VoIP, and also delve into which tools organizations should utilize to take advantage of this trend.

Presented by:

Matt Clark (Moderator)
Principal, Valuation Services
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Don Gant
VP Business Development & Channel Marketing
ICON Voice Networks
Sanjay Bhatia
Vice President, Solutions Marketing & Strategy
Christian Goffi
APS Service Practice Leader

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