ITEXPO West 2010 - Communications Conference

October 4-6, 2010 Los Angeles Convention Center, CA



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Introduction to Voice Applications

- 10/05/10,  8:30-9:15am

What’s the easiest way to enable interaction between businesses and customers, governments and residents, service providers and subscribers, or any other parties, for that matter? Leverage the one device we all have at our fingertips today – the phone. Sure, a growing number of devices also have other communications capabilities, but voice remains the dominant form of interaction.

Building voice services is easier than you think.

This session will show you how, introducing technology managers and developers to VoiceXML, Python, C# and other popular technologies for real-time voice communications. In fact, creating a voice-enabled service is as simple as writing an XML document or building a Web page. No knowledge of telephony is required, and you can use your existing investment in tools and technologies. You'll leave this session with an understanding of how to easily build voice portals, conferencing systems, and more as well as the resources you'll need to get started on your own voice development.

Presented by:

Phil Wolff (Moderator)
Managing Editor
Skype Journal
Ian Colville
Product Manager
Doron Meiron
President & VP Sales
Surf Communications
Jeff Lawson

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Building Better HD Video Conferencing & Collaboration Systems

- 10/05/10,  9:30-10:15am

Visual communications are becoming more and more commonplace. As networks improve to support video more effectively, the moment is right for broad market adoption of video conferencing and collaboration systems.

Delivering high quality video streams requires expertise in both networks and audio/video codec technology. Often, however, audio quality gets ignored, despite it being more important to efficient communication than the video component. Intelligibility is the key metric here, where wideband audio and voice quality enhancement algorithms can greatly improve the quality of experience.

This session will cover both audio and video aspects of today’s conferencing systems, and the various criteria that are used to evaluate them, including round-trip delay, lip-sync, smooth motion, bit-rate required, visual artifacts and network traversal – and of course pure audio quality. The emphasis will be on sharing best practices for building and deploying high-definition conferencing systems.

Presented by:

Michael Stanford (Moderator)
Michael Stanford LLC
Andy Singleton
Product Manager
Amir Zmora
TBU VP Products and Marketing
James Awad
Marketing Product Manager

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Beyond the Browser Adding Voice & Real-Time Text to Your Web Apps

- 10/05/10,  10:30-11:15am

Your Web application works great in a computer on a Web browser, but what happens when your customers aren’t sitting at their desks? Smartphone sales and mobile Web usage are skyrocketing; instant messaging and SMS are becoming preferred means of communicating; and everyone has a phone.

To take advantage of these truths, you now have to ensure your Web application is available and functioning through each of these channels, allowing your customers access where ever they are and however they prefer.

In this session you'll learn what channels you can tie into and what's involved in adding voice, real-time text, mobility, and other advanced capabilities to your Web-based applications, including best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and pre-development planning strategies.

Presented by:

Phil Wolff (Moderator)
Managing Editor
Skype Journal
Dave Gilbert

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Building a Social Networking Website using SIP and Converged Application Framework

- 10/05/10,  11:30-12:15am

SIP is the most open standard, covering almost all facets of communications technology today. However, it is still not being used widely for building social networking sites or Web 2.0 services. While there may be others, one prominent reason is the fact that SIP, from the perspective of a Web developer, is too hard to program. Web 2.0 technologies are very high-level in nature. With the availability of various frameworks, development of Web 2.0 applications has become both simpler and faster.

However the programming model available for SIP is still very low-level in nature, where the programmers need to deal with lower-level protocols like SIP Servlets or JAIN SIP. In this session, we discuss capabilities of a converged application framework (like SailFin CAFE) and present a case study on how SIP technology can be used to provide communications capabilities in Social networking Web sites. The case study will present how common social networking capabilities, like instant messaging, voice chat, audio or video sharing can be implemented using the converged application frameworks.

Presented by:

Binod PG
Senior Staff Engineer
Sun Microsystems (Oracle Corporation)

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Building an App for That: Best Practices for Developing Apps for Today’s Mobile Platforms

- 10/05/10,  1:15-2:00pm

Apple and its App Store model have created a revolution in application development that shows no signs of being slowed. In fact, the more applications are developed, the more handset manufacturers and network operators are driven to increase their own capabilities, resulting in yet another round of advanced applications and services, and so the app world turns.

What does it take to develop an application for today’s mobile platforms, and what are the differences between working with Apple’s OS, Android, and the BlackBerry platform?

Join this session to hear – and share – best practices for creating successful applications for today’s mobile environment, including strategies for multi-platform development and easy upgrades (after all, just as network capabilities evolve, so do operating systems that enable mor powerful apps).

Presented by:

Phil Wolff (Moderator)
Managing Editor
Skype Journal

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