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Enabling Ultra Low Latency Applications over Ethernet

Thursday - 09/03/09,  8:30-9:15am

The rapid adoption of VoIP, telepresence and IP-based conferencing is placing significant demands on the packet-based networks required to deliver these real-time services with carrier-grade Quality of Service (QoS). Managing the QoS of an increasing number of co-existing, IP-based applications is a challenge for service providers seeking to differentiate their offerings and maintain market share in an increasingly competitive landscape. This session will provide an overview of service mapping and traffic management techniques that can be employed to establish high-performance services, including bandwidth policing, traffic filtering and shaping, as well as developments in technology that allow near-zero latency implementations of these approaches over existing multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-carrier networks. Real-time service assurance techniques will also be reviewed, including scalable, cost-effective methods service providers are using to gain per-second visibility into per-application QoS and SLA performance from their existing management platforms. Case studies from leading service providers will be used to complement theory with actual technology deployment examples.

Presented by:

Lindsay Kintner
Vice President of Engineering and Field Support

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Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions

Thursday - 09/03/09,  9:30-10:15am

In today’s economy, global corporations have to lower communications costs while increasing the communications capabilities they offer their users. In every instance, lower costs and increased capability is derived from moving voice from its legacy model to the web model a.k.a. voice-as-a-web service. The shift from hardware to software, from proprietary protocols to standard protocols, from routing calls over the PSTN to routing them over IP, from vendor-specific APIs to Web 2. 0 interfaces, from developers with specialized telephony knowledge to generic web developers is taking place and will have a profound impact on the face of telephony. In this session, we will discuss how Web 2.0 programming models, protocols and standards – such as REST, AJAX and XML – can enable voice-as-a-web service and the delivery of voice to browser-based applications. Attendees will learn how Web 2.0 allows organizations to gracefully migrate expensive legacy telephony to a lower cost software model without disrupting existing operations.

Presented by:

Peter Radizeski (Moderator)
Tristan Barnum
Director of Product Marketing, Switchvox
RJ Auburn
Voxeo Corporation
Irv Shapiro


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Creating Mobile Voice & Video Applications

Thursday - 09/03/09,  10:30-11:15am

Voice over IP use is becoming more significant within the enterprise. As more executives become ‘road warriors’ it will be crucial to develop a mobile VoIP application that rivals PSTN and mobile phone quality. The speakers will discuss som eof the more challenging components to consider when working to ensure a quality VoIP system, including choosing the correct speech codec, the impact of latency, and jitter buffer design. This session will also address in depth comparisons of how two ‘game changing’ mobile operating systems, the iphone OS and Android OS have changed the communications landscape, their inherent challenges and what it means for application developers building solutions for mobile unified communications. This session will also provide insight for product managers who are wondering which to select for their development platform.

Presented by:

Doug Green (Moderator)
Telecom Reseller
Arjun Roychowdhury
Asst. Vice President
Hughes Systique Corp.
Speaker TBA

Gustavo Garcia
Cloud Architect

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Leveraging Video in an Enterprise Setting

Thursday - 09/03/09,  1:00-1:45pm

Video in the enterprise is now a reality. Early adopters are using video conferencing from their conference rooms, laptops and mobile devices. It’s no longer a question of how these services will be deployed but when. The main hindrance today is that high-quality video services are still too expensive. In order to reach mass market adoption, these services must be available at a reasonable cost, and at the touch of a button. The speakers will discuss how to create video applications designed for the enterprise setting.

Presented by:

Anatoli Levine (Moderator)
Director, Product Management, Americas
James Awad
Marketing Product Manager
Octasic Inc

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Mobile App Stores: The Developer's Perspective

Thursday - 09/03/09,  2:00-2:45pm

Several mobile carriers, device manufacturers and mobile service providers — including Palm, RIM, Nokia, Google, Samsung and Microsoft — recently unveiled an app store or announced plans for one. This session will offer the developers’ perspectives on this new flood of app stores. Is it necessary for them to build an app for each store? What are the pluses and minuses of each store? How do you price things? How is advertising in mobile apps working? The speaker will address these questions and how to handle user perceptions of “quality” and “premium” applications.

Presented by:

Chris Gonyea
Director of Client Services

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6/22/2022 6:35:48 AM
Fibocom and Aetina Collaborate to Bring 5G Release 16 Capabilities to AI Edge Computer Based on NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX
6/22/2022 3:01:15 AM
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