VIPeering Conference: In Progress

FEBRUARY 2, 2011



VIPeering Conference: February 2, 2011

Collocated with ITEXPO: Exhibits & Conference: February 2-4, 2011

Full Agenda

Industry Leaders will be leading sessions where you'll learn about the latest trends, projects, and strategies. Discover new ideas and practical solutions.

Tuesday - 09/13/11
Brokers and Peers
Josh Snowhorn Vice President -Terremark Worldwide, a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon
When does a carrier have the role of selling services and when does a carrier need to buy services? What keys to success should the carrier consider when looking at the commodities of minutes, numbers and sessions?
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Brokers and Peers RoundTable
Jim Dalton Chief Executive Officer -TransNexus, Inc.
Hugh Goldstein VP, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances -Voxbone
Andy Cooper Head of Technical Solutions -Xconnect
Weve come along way from the days when the VoIP peers were the minority, now everyone uses voip but we still often end up looking for the PSTN to be the meet point. This session is a discussion of where we came from, where we are heading and how the islands of traffic are finding ways to connect. This overview gives us the benefit of experience and the vision of our future.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Number Portability; It’s Global
Richard Shockey Chairman -SIP Forum
Hugh Goldstein VP, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances -Voxbone
Sridhar Ramachandran CTO -Numerex
Allowing customers to migrate numbers to different carriers is considered a key factor in creating competition around the world. However, the technology to extract the number also provides additional flexibility for the number to be referenced in new ways. What are the possibilities for number portability and where is it being deployed?
Tuesday - 09/13/11
New Market Peering Opportunities: HD Voice and Video?
Anatoli Levine (Moderator) Director, Product Management – DTBU -Spirent Communications
Payam Maveddat EVP, Product Management -Taqua
Andy Cooper Head of Technical Solutions -Xconnect
John Butz Senior Director New Product Development -Neutral Tandem
When we go over the Top the solutions are no longer limiting to the POTS voice services. We have opportunities to support video and HD voice interconnection from the perspective of over the top services. This is panel looks at the opporuntiies to change the way we connect to applications, businesses and services.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Survey Says New Markets are Out There
Does the professional user have better computing power and more secure solutions in his hands than in his office? Carl Ford shares his survey results, from users, professionals and other communities of Interest to show the impact on the prosumer enterprise. He will also discuss some research reports regarding the effect that the expanding capabilities of the consumer market have on the new devices available to the professional.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Traversing Borders
Ashish Jain Director, Solutions Marketing -GENBAND
Glen Gerhard VP Product Management -Sansay
Steve Collins VP of Marketing -Acme Packet
As we migrate all communications to IP Networks, the role of session controllers in managing the edge between carriers and customers has expanded over the years. This panel discusses the edge devices and the systems that support peers and transit customers.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
ITEXPO Keynote Featuring IBM and Siemens
Tuesday - 09/13/11
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