Super Wifi Summit

Printable Agenda - Super Wifi Summit

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Introduction: Coming to A Channel Near You. SuperWiFi

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 9:00-9:25am
Barlow Keener (Moderator) , Principal , Keener Law Group
What is superWiFi and how will it be used to deliver unlicensed services? Is the order from the FCC a starting point? Do any rules still apply and under what circumstances? Is Interference to be assumed as the products begin to roll out. These and other questions will set the stage at the start of our conference.

WISP's Experience Strength and Hope

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 9:25-10:40am
Reg Harnish , CEO , GreyCastle Security
Matt Larsen , CEO , VistaBeam
Jack Unger , Committee Chair , WISPA FCC
Bridging the gap between products and service have been the Wireless Internet Service Providers who have managed to deliver to customers in rural areas with a variety of solutions including WiFi. Are they looking at SuperWiFi as a new opportunity with new technology or do they see the market value in delivering existing solutions with new spectrum. Will the use of WiFi in this space provide better interconnection or minimize the role of a WISP.

From WiFi to White Spaces: An Evolution or Not for Future White Spaces Service Providers?

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 11:05-12:20pm
Martin Levetin , Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing , Strix Systems
Barlow Keener (Moderator) , Principal , Keener Law Group
Jim Carlson (Moderator) , Chief Executive Officer and VP of Engineering , Carlson Wireless
Greg Williams , Sr. VP of Corporate & Business Development , BelAir Networks
If White Spaces is the new Super WiFI, will we see an municipal WiFI Evolution to White Spaces? Can providers of municipal WiFI radios make simple changes to WiFI radios like larger antennas? Equipment vendors focused on municipal WiFI are moving to White Spaces. What is the future of White Spaces for these equipment vendors. MuniWiFI equipment vendors understand well the challenges of mesh radios, roaming, antenna selection, radio place, bandwidth insertion, weather issues effecting WiFI, and capital requirements. How will this knowhow translate to the new White Spaces fixed radio network?

WiFi : The root of the Wireless Internet Continues to Evolve

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 12:20-12:45pm
Mary Evslin , State of VT
How can we Make the most of SuperWiFi? Vermont has been a leader in the deployment of broadband services and was looking to provide grants for White Space solutions at the beginning. Now that the order has come about its time to look back at what discouraged the investment in the past, and how the investments in the broadband now can be supplemented by Super WiFi.

Disruptive Broadband: A Wireless End-Run

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 1:30-1:55pm
Brough Turner , Founder ,
Its important to address rural Internet access but most people and most businesses are in urban areas and, compared to many other countries, US urban Internet connectivity is falling farther and farther behind. Whats worse, TV white spaces cant help most urban businesses the TV channels are tied up by TV. Still, there is hope.

Brough will describe a radically different business approach, combined with next generation WiFi, which has the potential to completely disrupt the way broadband is delivered. The initial focus is on businesses in downtown areas but, as the technology matures, the addressable user base expands dramatically!

White Spaces Trial Networks: Results and Next Steps

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 1:55-2:20pm
Peter Stanforth , CTO & Co-Founder , Spectrum Bridge
There have been a few successful TV White Space trial networks up and running in the US for over a year now. What has the industry learned from these trial networks and how will these networks move from trial networks to commercial networks? Peter Stanforth will be discussing the report from the trials as well what’s next for TV White Spaces?


Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 2:20-2:45pm
Akshay Sharma , Research Director - Carrier Network Infrastructure Group , Gartner
Who is set to capitalize on the White Space opportunity. Mr. Sharma has been asking that question to carriers and vendors assessing their moves to the market. Will Super WiFi be the solution to data offload? Will Super WiFi give birth to new offerings from the carriers? Expand the wireless backhaul opportunity? Deliver a rebirth to municipal services? Learn from Akshays analysis.

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Broadcast Spectrum Reallocation: With Change Comes Real Opportunity

Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 2:45-3:10pm
Marty Stern (Moderator) , Partner , K&L Gates LLP
The FCC has proposed freeing up additional spectrum for mobile broadband by repacking broadcasters from their current allocations onto a series of shared 6 MHz channels, holding “incentive auctions” for the freedup spectrum, and paying broadcasters a portion of the proceeds. In a rulemaking notice released in November, the FCC,taking the first steps towards this reallocation, proposes new rules to allow broadcasters to collocate on the same channel and to authorize new flexible fixed and mobile allocations in these bands.

Left hanging is how this all would affect White Space applications and technologies, which make use of unused broadcast channels that could be among those the Commission would repurpose. In this talk, Marty will provide some quick background on the reallocation proceeding and potential impacts on White Spaces. He will focus on several approaches and ideas that present another opportunity to take the bull by the horns, including one provocative approach that would potentially align White Spaces and broadcaster interests in a winwinwin for the industry.


Wednesday - 02/02/11 • 3:10-3:35pm
Chip Spann , Director- Engineering & Technical Services , Connected Nation
Mark Gibson, Sr. , Director, Business Development , Comsearch
Session info coming soon…

Thursday, February 03, 2011

White Spaces Mobile Devices: The New Smart Phone

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 9:00-10:15am
Rick Whitt , Global Head for Public Policy and Government Relations , Motorola Mobility LLC
Barlow Keener (Moderator) , Principal , Keener Law Group
Marty Stern (Moderator) , Partner , K&L Gates LLP
Bob Friday , Dir. Strategic Initiatives & Business Development - Wireless Networking Business Unit , Cisco
Perry Correll , Principal Technologist , Xirrus Inc.
The recent FCC’s White Spaces order solidified the rules for White Spaces mobile devices. The FCC rules limit power on the devices just like they do on WiFI devices. But how will these rules limit the ability of carriers to make White Spaces into an alternative broadband provider. Will the size of the antenna – which is longer than WiFI – limit the ability of device makers and fixed radios from delivering a true broadband provider?

$mart Money in White Spaces

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 11:00-12:00pm
Richard Lukaj , Senior Managing Director , The Bank Street Group LLC
Marty Stern (Moderator) , Partner , K&L Gates LLP
Richard Licursi , CEO , Spectrum Bridge
Darrin Mylet , Business Operations , Adaptrum
White Spaces are now open for business. But will Wall Street fund new broadband national competitors similar to Clearwire that are looking to White Spaces as a new business model? Will White Spaces be the new municipal WiFI or will White Spaces be used to compete with the cellcos on a nationwide basis? Without Wall Streets backing, White Spaces will remain in the realm of small, disaggregated wireless providers. Service providers have taken a back seat with WiFI but Google, Microsoft, Dell, Motorola, and Samsung are poised to support White Spaces. Nationwide service providers will start appearing and will be knocking on Wall Streets doors.

We've Got your Number and The End Is Near

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 12:45-1:35pm
Steve Ryan , Deputy Council , ARIN
So How the Mayans new that the Internet was going to run out of IPv4 numbers. IPv6 is not only needed but it should be the basis of any implementation now and migration as soon as possibe. While the Internet is using a variety of dynamic routing strategies at the base is an address. Learning how to request, migrate and manage IPv6 will be the subject of this presentation.

Cognitive Radio Taking Ethernet Radio to the Edge

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 1:35-2:00pm
Stuart Stanley , Optimum Semi
The world forever changed when the Aloha network matured in Ethernet. Through the years we have seen Ethernet be applied to local networks, metro networks, WiFi, WiMAX and now we are seeing a new phase where self organizing devices can cross spectrum to provide the way to find a clear path and maintain communication. This represents a great change for a series of applications that previously were to hard to implement.

The New White Spaces Database: ENUM / DNS or Something Completely Different?

Thursday - 02/03/11 • 2:00-2:45pm
Barlow Keener (Moderator) , Principal , Keener Law Group
John Malyar , Chief Architect , iconectiv
Peter Stanforth , CTO & Co-Founder , Spectrum Bridge
Richard Shockey , Chairman , SIP Forum
Jesse Caufield , CEO , Keybridge Global
The key to making shared spectrum is the database. While some companies advocated for cognitive radio solutions, the FCC started with the a simpler spectrum table. This group looks at the requirements now, the possiblities for the future and the way the database will be address as super WiFi gets deployed.


Thursday - 02/03/11 • 3:00-3:30pm
Todd Rowley , VP of 4G , Sprint
Mr. Rowley will provide some real insight into how one of the nation’s leading carriers is providing for a real 4G Mobile Internet experience


Thursday - 02/03/11 • 3:30-4:00pm
Jeff Ford , CEO , Apriva
Mr. Ford will discuss the issues of providing security to wireless networks that are now riding the Internet. Issues of privacy and security have always been a matter of question with regards to the Internet. Jeff shares his experience in delivering solutions for our wireless future.