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The SIP Tutorial is a full day training program that will focus on SIP technology from SIP messaging through Server types, Security, Firewall and NAT operation, SIP Trunking, Troubleshooting and SIP in Unified Communications.

Register now for the SIP Tutorial and understand how your company can exploit SIP functionality.

The SIP Tutorial reflects the latest standards work in the IETF and the latest SIP products and services in the VoIP industry. Web based services, cloud computing and peer-to-peer present a challenge to mature SIP based VoIP technology making it imperative to be familiar with all the current capabilities of SIP as well as the recent enhancements.

SIP Tutorial is presented by two of the most knowledgeable authorities and notable figures in the SIP world, Dr. Alan Johnston, and Dr. Henry Sinnreich.

Dr. Alan B Johnston:

Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, and Director of the SIP Forum, Alan has been involved with VoIP and SIP since the mid 1990s. He is a co-author of The Core SIP Specification and a number of other standards, and holds several patents. He is the author of four ooks on SIP and VoIP security. He holds a PhD from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Henry Sinnreich:

Henry Sinnreich is an independent consultant and has worked most of his career in the telecom industry, including 24 years at MCI where he was an MCI Fellow. He has contributed to the development of the first commercial SIP service by a major carrier and is also an active contributor to IETF SIP standards work. He is an author of several books on SIP. Dr. Sinnreich has taught SIP VoIP as a guest lecturer at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has worked the last 4 years at Adobe Systems.

Get to the SIP Tutorial and Learn:

The emerging communication services on the web, along with the Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
Key SIP concepts and the core protocols associated with SIP; explained with the help of numerous examples of call flows and their SIP messages.
Network protocols of special interest to SIP developers, such as for NAT traversal, P2P overlay networks and the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) are also explained.
The alternatives to present VoIP and real-time multimedia applications.
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