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Los Angeles, 2005
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WiFi Telephony/WiMAX
There is no way to overestimate the effects of wireless VoIP. If you have a laptop, or most any consumer electronics device, you will be able to use it as a WiFi telephony device. In urban areas, a WiFi or WiMAX phone will be good enough for most people and it will cost a fraction of a fraction of what Verizon charges today. A WiFi telephony iPOD using VoIP is not too far away. They will likely call it the VoiPOD.

Join us February 22-25 in Miami and experience our invaluable conference
sessions yourself!

WiFi Telephony News

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Thursday - 02/24/05,  8:15-9:00am

Mobility in the enterprise is quickly becoming a major consideration on a customer’s wish list. As more companies investigate the costs and benefits of wireless communications, they face a number of questions specific to deploying 802.11. This session will discuss many of these issues, including network security, delivering enterprise-specific features throughout an 802.11 network, technical considerations when integrating 802.11 into an existing converged infrastructure, and vendor-neutral practical applications.

Presented By: David Fridley, Product Manager of IP Telephony Solutions, Toshiba Digital Solutions Division

Thursday - 02/24/05,  1:00-1:45pm

According to recent market research the market for wireless LAN and related equipment rose 82 percent to an estimated $2.8 billion in 2003. Wireless LAN chipsets were worth $760 million last year, up 112 percent from the year before. Embedded WiFi represented 36 percent of client access equipment, but is expected to grow to 80 percent in 2008. Clients will include mobile PCs, handheld PCs, and mobile phones. This session will dive deep into the world of developing WiFi Telephony devices, teaching developers what they need to know to make the most of this rapidly growing market opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. This is truly a can’t-miss session.

Presented By: Debbie Greenstreet, Director of Product Management for VoIP, Texas Instruments

Thursday - 02/24/05,  2:00-2:45pm

Voice over WiFi is widely acknowledged as one of the important, emerging applications for wireless LAN networks. However, when multiple applications are supported by a single WiFi network, the infrastructure must be designed to deliver appropriate security and QoS for each of them. Organizations should be able to leverage one physical infrastructure while maintaining the security and QoS required by each application. This presentation will discuss how to meet the disparate security & QoS requirements in a VoWiFi network to increase productivity, lower costs, and offer more enhanced services.

Presented By: Nate Walker, Director of Product Management, Meru Networks
Jonathan Zarkower, Director, Product Management, Service Provider Solutions, Colubris Networks

Thursday - 02/24/05,  3:00-3:45pm

Selecting WiFi Telephony Devices for the Enterprise

Presented By: Ben Guderian, Director of Marketing, Spectralink Corporation

Thursday - 02/24/05,  4:00-4:45pm

Integrating VoIP into a corporate data network requires careful planning, especially if you plan on operating VoIP over 802.11 wireless LANs. Unlike data, VoIP cannot tolerate momentary delays and errors common to WLANs without severe degradation in voice quality. Armed with intimate knowledge of WLAN signaling, protocols, and analysis using wireless protocol analyzers, the speaker will shed light how knowledge of capacity planning and error recovery in WLANs can lead to a better VoIP experience. In particular, the presenter will show how to detect WLAN anomalies that affect VoIP and offer guidelines to help determine a realistic number of voice conversations one may be able to support over a given WLAN channel.

Presented By: Scott Haugdahl, Chief Technology Officer, WildPackets

Friday - 02/25/05,  8:15-9:00am

With WiFi already a mainstay for data applications like file sharing and Internet access, voice over wireless LAN networks seems like a natural progression. Although VoWiFi demand may seem inevitable, the trend begs the question: Why would we want to use VoWiFi, other than just because we can? This session will explore both the benefits and the challenges of implementing voice calls over WLANs, including security, interoperability, and how to provide continuous coverage. This session with explore these issues and more, including a look at the handheld devices now available to support VoWiFi and WiFi-Cellular roaming.

Presented By: Tracy Venters, VP of Solutions Engineering, tekVizion PVS, Inc.

Friday - 02/25/05,  12:30-1:15pm

Wireless LANs use radio technologies to provide secure, reliable, fast wireless connectivity to Ethernet networks and the Internet. Today, the use of WLAN technology is exploding. As with any technology that is so hastily adopted, there are infrastructure challenges. Moving from an enterprise technology to a ubiquitous end user technology poses enormous issues for telecom carriers, such as radio spectrum management, security, authentication, billing, roaming, and repair. The presenter will discuss the architectures for wireless network deployment for public use, the issues with some of the current paradigms and will suggest some possible scenarios that, if adopted, would significantly reduce the overall cost of deployment and operation of these networks.

Presented By: Bob Ehlers, Director of Business Development, Performance Technologies

Friday - 02/25/05,  1:30-2:15pm

This session will focus on the technical issues of developing and rolling out broadband applications over WiFi, 2.5G, and 3G wireless networks (CDMA-2000 and WCDMA). Included will be a discussion of: • The evolving broadband wireless standards. • The migration path and challenges for service providers as they move from 2G to 3G. • The opportunities of true multimedia communications over these broadband networks. • Various emerging applications that take advantage of broadband mobility and functionality.

Presented By: Amnon Gavish, Vice President, RADVISION

Friday - 02/25/05,  2:30-3:15pm

Wireless technology is hot, and cell phones, laptops, handhelds and other devices will give mobile workers and consumers the freedom to communicate how, when, and where they want to. Users will be able to use their laptops to ensure their home phone forwards certain calls to their cell phone. Wireless video and audio streaming will take place via the cell phone, the laptop, or handheld tools, and users will be able to conduct real-time Web conferences to share everything from presentations to accounting spreadsheets and online gaming from any of these devices. In this presentation, you’ll see a roadmap for the next generation of seamless wireless mobility, and learn what must happen to create a flexible, protocol and device-agnostic wireless environment.

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