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Los Angeles, 2005
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Yesterday's CLECs exist because of a FCC ruling called unbundled network access-platform, or UNE-P for short. This rule specifies the rates that incumbent carriers can charge CLECs to lease their lines. Recently, the FCC has rethought this concept allowing ILECS to raise these rates and subsequently reduce competition severely. UNE-P's demise is VoIP's gain, but the shift is not without it’s challenges for CLECs. IT EXPO features an entire day of sessions designed to help you seamlessly transition to VoIP and begin making money immediately.

Join us February 22-25 in Miami and experience our invaluable conference
sessions yourself!

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Wednesday - 02/23/05,  10:15-11:00am

CLECs know their UNE-P days are numbered due to recent regulatory rulings, and their business plans are in jeopardy without IP-based technology. As such they are turning to VoIP in order to grow their business, and protect against a large loss of revenue tied to their UNE-P business model. There is talk that several of the largest UNE-P providers are planning their transition by geographically concentrating their marketing activities around central office concentration, and then installing soft switching and broadband access gear in each central office to provide next gen services. Is this a viable, long-term business model that will work? This session will outline a low-cost, high-quality VoIP strategy that speeds time-to-market, assures carrier-grade quality, and enables early entry without the CAPEX requirements associated with building a new network.

Presented By: Shawn Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Caerus, Inc.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  11:15-12:00pm

With the RBOCs taking full advantage of recent FCC rulings regarding UNE-P, CLECs are faced with the difficult challenge of how to maintain a competitive balance. There are a number of alternative strategies that they could follow, but essentially it comes down to building their own network infrastructure, or purchasing services from existing wholesale carriers. This session will delve down to spell out the choices facing competitive carriers, and the benefits and pitfalls inherent in either building out a network or buying services from wholesale providers.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  1:00-1:45pm

As VoIP becomes commoditized, providers need to transcend price-based competition and retain customers with ‘sticky’ VoIP bundles. In the past, service providers were happy if they introduced a few new services a year. In the future, they will need to address an endless stream of individual markets with specific feature and hosted IP application bundles. Sticky services = reduced churn = loyal customers = recurring revenue. Come see what’s working and what’s not; how service providers can defend their hard-won market positions with bundled IP offerings; which services will deliver on ROI; and more. Price is not the only factor customers consider when selecting a VoIP carrier. The type of advanced services available and the quality of telephone service are quickly becoming critical issues.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  2:00-2:45pm

Industry analysts believe the wholesale market opportunity creates a large business opportunity for new, next generation wholesale carriers. The market for wholesale broadband voice services in the U.S. is characterized principally by quality, price competition, and least-cost advantage. But is that enough? How do you know which wholesale partner is the right wholesale partner for you? This session will address what you should look for in a wholesale partner, including technology (customizable applications, service creation environment, scalability); automated provisioning (service provider interface, end user controls, real-time CDR); and fulfillment (rapid deployment, end point equipment, and customer support) — all critical to your successful VoIP business.

Presented By: Shawn Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Caerus, Inc.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  3:00-3:45pm

Getting into the VoIP business as a local service or PBX replacement is not without significant capex. Service providers of all sizes and makes - from Bells to startups - are choosing resale instead. Our expert panel speaks to the business case, including financial and regulatory considerations, as well as what to look for in a service provider.

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