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Los Angeles, 2005
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Open source telephony solutions are flourishing from the service provider to the enterprise. Behind the scenes, more and more service providers are using Digium’s Asterisk to run their operations and support thousands of customers. Enterprise users are in the testing phase now and word is the early adopters are thrilled with Asterisk. INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Miami 2005 is proud to annonunce this new workshop focused on helping developers take advantage of open-source telephony to create new high-demand VoIP applications.

Join us February 22-25 in Miami and experience our invaluable conference
sessions yourself!

Open Source Telephony
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SIP's Role in Open Source
Tuesday - 02/22/05,  12:00-1:45pm

Presented By: Robert Sparks, President of SIPFoundry's Board & CTO
Al Brisard, VP of Marketing, Pingtel
Daniel Petrie, VP SIPfoundry Board of Directors & Chief Architect, Pingtel Corp.

Open Source — software where the source code is available for anyone to improve or modify —has the potential to change the telecom landscape forever. Already Linux has made huge headway into this market, and the advent of Open Source has caused quite a stir. Developers need to know what is available in the Open Source marketplace and how best to leverage the freedom inherent in a distributed community of programmers to amend and adapt code for their VoIP development needs. This session will address the role of SIP and what it means to Open Source.


Open Source Round Table
Tuesday - 02/22/05,  2:00-3:45pm

Presented By: Al Brisard, VP of Marketing, Pingtel
Mark Spencer, President, Digium
Alan Hawrylyshen, CTO, Jasomi Networks

This group discussion will zero in on the current state of Open Source telephony; what it means, where it stands, and where this segment of the market is headed. Thought leaders from a number of influential Open Source factions will share their insights with the audience. Attendees can expect a frank conversation, and will leave this session with a thorough understanding of Open Source and its role in the future of IP Telephony.

Linux for Embedded Systems and Development
Tuesday - 02/22/05,  4:00-4:45pm

Presented By: Ed Bizari, Director of Business Planning, Performance Technologies

As with any technology element, subsequent product generations typically yield performance, size, integration or cost advantages. This is often driven by the silicon devices used to define the product. Key to leveraging the advances in silicon has been the equal advances in embedded software. A leading element is the ongoing growth and maturity of Linux as a fully functional and flexible operating system environment, as well as a configurable environment for embedded systems. The performance and integrated benefits of contemporary silicon devices coupled with the functionality and cost benefits of Linux are providing embedded developers with options never before available.

DUNDI & ENUM: Discord or Harmony?
Tuesday - 02/22/05,  5:00-5:45pm

Presented By: Akif Arsoy, Product Manager, VeriSign
Mark Spencer, President, Digium

DUNDi is a peer-to-peer system for locating Internet gateways to telephony services. Unlike traditional centralized services (such as the simple and concise ENUM standard), DUNDi is fully-distributed with no centralized authority whatsoever. But are these two solutions complementary or competitive in nature? And how will they work to shape the future of VoIP and SIP number mapping? Attend this session to learn about the work being done in this forward-looking corner of the VoIP realm and how it promises to affect our growing young industry.


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