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Los Angeles, 2005
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VoIP Deployments Skyrocket
Ford, Boeing, U.S. Department of Defense, the list of large enterprises and government agencies deploying VoIP grows every day because VoIP 2.0 is here. Gone are the voice quality and interoperability concerns. Virtually every session in the Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO program prepares you to select and deploy a VoIP system. Learn how to select and install the equipment or how to choose a hosted solution.

Join us February 22-25 in Miami and experience our invaluable Enterprise/Government conference sessions for yourself!


Enterprise/Government VoIP News

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Wednesday - 02/23/05,  10:15-11:00am

Presented By: Patrick Ferriter, VP of Product Management, Zultys

Most companies realize the cost benefits of VoIP but have missed the real benefit of VoIP: Increased productivity derived from application integration and ease of management. Regardless of size, businesses stand to benefit from being able to manage their systems in-house, see the presence of a colleague or business partner and enjoy the same connectivity tools at the home office as in the main office. Come discuss the VoIP technologies that are available to today’s businesses and the distinct advantages they can bring to the workplace.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  11:15-12:00pm

Presented By: David Fridley, Product Manager of IP Telephony Solutions, Toshiba Digital Solutions Division

This session will focus on educating attendees on the specific steps to deploying IP, what’s involved, parameters to be considered, how to choose a vendor, and how to ensure an effective transition. The presentation will cover the basics such as what VoIP is; how VoIP is different from wired voice; the reasons to move to VoIP; as well as the benefits of making the transition to IP telephony. This session is truly a can’t-miss opportunity if you’re thinking of making the move to VoIP.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  1:00-1:45pm

Presented By: Doug Makishima, Vice President of Marketing, Intoto
Jerry Heinl, Lucent Security

Corporations that are implementing VoIP technologies simply cannot overlook the security risks that can crop up when the voice and data worlds converge. Security remains a major issue for users and the dangers of unsecured VoIP services are real. Users need to take measures by encrypting voice services; building redundancy into their networks, locking down their VoIP servers and performing regular security audits and making sure the network isn’t directly accessible from the Internet. This session will explore the potential for security breaches and what is being done to protect your VoIP service.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  2:00-2:45pm

Presented By: Dan M. Afrasiabi, President of Cost Management Group, Symphony Services

Telecommunications fraud costs the U.S. telecommunications industry $4 billion a year. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, due to the fact that it is one of the most profitable of illegal activities, but yet relatively risk free. Companies are juggling multiple service providers, technology platforms, and billing mechanisms, and don’t always have the right information to protect themselves against fraud and make informed decisions. This presentation will discuss ways that companies can combat telecom fraud such as tracking trends, exposing and alerting suspicious activity; analyzing your company’s calling patterns; building in prediction capabilities to detect fraud upfront.

Wednesday - 02/23/05,  3:00-4:00pm

Presented By: Andy Leong, Director of Marketing, NewCross Technologies

The provisioning of strong VoIP security requires action on a number of fronts; technological, architectural and organizational. This session focuses primarily on the technological aspects of VoIP security as well as some of the architectural and organizational characteristics facing VoIP security. It provides a relatively comprehensive overview of the network and switch vulnerabilities and the technologies that can be applied to address these vulnerabilities. This session will also explore security issues relating to future applications like wireless enterprise VoIP.

Thursday - 02/24/05,  8:15-9:00am

Presented By: Simon McIver, Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions, Net2Phone

The possibilities are endless for enterprises looking to take advantage of VoIP. Private Virtual Networks, low-cost calling, as well as now the proliferation of WiFi can all be used to help businesses save money and take advantage of the convenience of VoIP. This session features a step-by-step look at the integration of VoIP into existing infrastructure, and the potential uses for VoIP in the workplace. The presenters will also cover various methods of VoIP implementation and a look at many relevant standards.

Thursday - 02/24/05,  1:00-1:45pm

Presented By: Alan Gold, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Avotus Corporation

IP telephony brings companies a wide range of innovative technologies compared to legacy telecommunications systems. One area that needs to be addressed, however, is expense management. Expense management includes collecting and allocating costs associated with IP telephony assets and usage. This session will explore both technology and methodology differences between traditional and IP telephony expense management. We will present alternative approaches to collecting information on internal and carrier-based logical assets, physical networks and end-user assets, as well as usage information, in order to manage and allocate costs. The session will also explore both in-house and managed service approaches and explain the advantages of each.

Thursday - 02/24/05,  2:00-2:45pm

Presented By: Scott Wharton, Vice President of Marketing, Broadsoft
Dan Hoffman, President & CEO, M5 Networks, Inc.

Through application examples (e.g., IP Centrex, Hosted PBX, VoIP over Mobile/3G/802.11x networks, collaboration, presence, and conferencing offerings), the session will use real-world examples to demonstrate how carriers are deploying services that enable enterprises to save money, improve information worker productivity, and lower their total cost of ownership. This session will serve to educate attendees and to assuage their fears about IP telephony. The presenters will also discuss the need for strong project management in any TDM to IP telephony transition.

Thursday - 02/24/05,  3:00-3:45pm

Presented By: Jeff Robinson, President & Co-Founder, NetFabric

Research shows that by 2008, the SMB market will account for 42% of U.S. IP telephony shipments, up from 32% in 2003. What’s driving this phenomenal growth and what are the keys to IP telephony in an SMB environment? The speakers will discuss the acceptance of voice and data convergence in the SMB market, product trends that deliver enterprise-class functionality, and considerations for implementing IP telephony within small and medium businesses. This session also addresses forward-looking approaches, including managing QoS, ensuring business-class reliability while taking advantage of the cost-savings of VoIP, and E-911 liability resolution.

Thursday - 02/24/05,  4:00-4:45pm

Presented By: Jeff Barker, Director of Product Management, Packeteer, Inc.
Raymond Russell, CTO, Corvil Ltd.

Today’s typical multiservice IP networks are extremely susceptible to congestion, posing serious consequences for jitter-sensitive business traffic like VoIP. Deploying VoIP makes sense in today’s business environment — but only with an understanding of network load, application performance, and a means of enforcing quality of service. How well a business accurately assesses readiness and ensures QoS for latency-sensitive VoIP goes a long way in determining how fast the investment will pay off. In this session we will review procedures and technologies for assessing network readiness and ensuring QoS for VoIP. This session will also explore how to work within existing networks, and how next-generation applications over an IP network will impact systems, services, and ROI.

Friday - 02/25/05,  8:15-9:00am

Presented By: Tony Rybczynski, Director of Strategic Enterprise Technologies, Nortel Networks
Alain Mouttham, CEO & Co-Founder, SIPQuest

In most enterprises, IM adoption follows a typical path: Employees use public IM services, IT issues policies for IM usage, IT brings IM in-house. In the past this has taken the form of point IM and data collaboration solutions. But the real world of IM is ’always on integrated communications’ made up of asynchronous communications (e-mail, voice mail, SMS) and synchronous communications (mobile IM, IM and voice) and presence. So-called Hyper- Interactivity does for inter-human communications what browsers did for information access. The presentation will discuss the attributes of Hyper-Interactivity and the role of IM. Topics will range to include Rich Presence, which encompasses the fuller sense of context-aware communication.

Friday - 02/25/05,  12:30-1:15pm

Presented By: Robert Sparks, Chief Technology Officer, Xten
Lukas van der Kroft, Chief Executive Officer, Eutectics
Joe McGrogan, Director of Product Marketing, Plantronics

When selecting a VoIP solution for your enterprise, one critical consideration is the end user experience, and how users interact with the new system. The success or failure of user adoption of IP telephony often comes down to the proper choice of endpoint device. Aside from the physical characteristics such as ergonomics, visual appeal, and the like, decisions include choosing between hard phones and soft (PC-based) phones. Factors such as latency and voice quality, multi-protocol support, a broad array of features and functionality, like support for wireless or the ability to access directories or Web information — these considerations all come into play when selecting the right enterprise VoIP endpoint.

Friday - 02/25/05,  1:30-2:15pm

Presented By:
Neal Shact (Moderator), President, CommuniTech
Scott D'Entremont, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Netspoke
Mike Krause, VCON Manager SE/SW, VCON, Inc.
Neil Lieberman, Vice President of Global Marketing, Interwise
Paul Fulton, President & CEO, Orative

As rich media conferencing heats up and enterprises look for new ways to extract value from their IP networks, interactive voice, video, and data Web communication is quickly becoming today’s must-have communication and productivity tool. This panel discussion will educate attendees who will leave knowing how true universal conferencing offers fundamental improvements in decision making, productivity, work quality, relationship building and management; the creation of new business opportunities for success; key factors driving the adoption of rich-media solutions for converged IP networks; and technology innovations that make it possible to have a truly rich end-user experience.

Friday - 02/25/05,  2:30-3:15pm

Presented By: Ralph Musgrove, Vice President of Market Development, Venali

Unified Messaging was one of those big new things that never really came — or did it? Today’s IP based networks allow a variety of different messaging and communication solutions on a “unified” network? Is it time to go back and take that term out of the drawer again? Join a discussion on how new communication technologies positively affect today’s information workers.


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